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Stress has become a bothersome part of our busy lives, taking its toll on our health daily. We could define stress as excessive emotional and physical strain. When we are stressed, we tend to be alert all the time, even when we have nothing to be alert about. Moreover, stress triggers production of adrenaline and other stress hormones which increase our heart rate and put us in a fight or flight mode. Our metabolism gets sped up, as well as our pressure, so that we could evade or confront the difficult situations we find ourselves in. Yet, when under stress, we do not need to react physically and, in the long run, this biological state of affairs leads to health deterioration manifesting through headaches, sleeping inconsistency, irritability, depression and numerous other problems.

All in all, excessive stress in our lives is harmful for our health. That being said, we need to counter and deflect it by using some of the best, natural relaxation techniques for anxiety and stress.

Stress Relief Techniques

The first method you might benefit from once you get bothered by stress is deep breathing. It is easy to learn it and put it into action and you can perform it anywhere and anytime. Basically, in order to relieve yourself of stress, you need to sit down in a comfortable position and breathe air in deeply and completely, at a slow, steady, relaxed pace. Keep your shoulders, neck and back straight and make sure you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. This kind of breathing activity will distract your thoughts away from worrying and stress, allowing you to relax. Additionally, the proper amount of oxygen delivered through this kind of breathing will only better the whole stress relief process.

Alternatively, you can relax your muscles by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. Practice deep breathing in for a couple of minutes, in order to get in the right stage of bodily relaxation and then start concentrating on your right foot, squeezing it tightly for a couple of seconds. Then, relax the contracted foot and do the same to the other foot. Follow the procedure up, working your way up to your neck, face, nose and other upper body parts. Start from the feet, moving onto the calves, thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach, chest, back, arms and hands, neck, shoulders and, finally, the face.

Yoga, Meditation and Exercising

There are many types of yoga and meditation you can choose from, allowing your body to relax and get in synch with your mind and spirit. Learn the basics and advance in time, keeping stress at bay. Finally, leading an active life, with physical activity routines, aerobic and anaerobic exercises, a healthy diet and a positive outlook on life are all factors which can remove stress from your everyday existence forever.

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