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What is Extreme Fatigue?

Many people tend to feel tired once they have endured a hard day at work, have been sleeping less lately or have experienced other changes in their lifestyle which deprived them of their energy. This is quite normal and logical, since every time we lose energy, we need to regain it in order to function normally. Each prolongation of resting or relaxing is bound to result in tiredness and exhaustion.

However, some people get tired as for no obvious reasons, even after doing absolutely nothing, sleeping enough and resting all the time. All it takes for them is to go onto a short walk in order to lose all their energy and feel as if they were walking for days without stopping. This is a cause of concern, since there are many different factors which can cause this kind of extreme fatigue or, as it is also called, chronic fatigue. Once troubled by it, an individual is incapable of regaining energy and feels tired through most of his/her daily life, this lasting for a longer period of time.

Manifestations and Causes of Extreme Fatigue

One of the first signs of this condition is inability to concentrate and pay attention. Whether this affects one in school or at work, he/she is bound to have difficulties focusing and listening to important information, being in a confusing state similar to daydreaming. Apart from that, extreme fatigue is expressed through all factors which stand for tiredness as well, including headache, lack of energy and strength, joint pain etc.

As far as causes are concerned, there are quite a few possible reasons behind this phenomenon. First of all, a disease may be behind this condition. There are various diseases which may be responsible for the case of chronic fatigue, ranging from curable ones like flu or common cold to quite concerning ones like cancer. Thus, it is important to pay your doctor a visit and do a regular check-up of your health situation as soon as you start being troubled by chronic fatigue.

Of course, stress and depression come next. If we are bothered psychologically, by many different things in life like work, family problems etc, we are bound to be exhausted since our mind is working itself exhausted around the clock. Therefore, learn how to deal with pressure and stress, removing depression and any other symptoms of these psychological conditions from your life, saving your energy for happiness and cheerfulness.

Finally, lack of exercise and bad nutrition may easily be behind a chronic fatigue. Combined with sleep deficiency, these only make things worse. Thus, one needs to take good care of his or her life and organism in order to live life to the fullest.

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