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Stress, a Major Issue

Nowadays, more than ever before, peopleare exposed to physical and mental stress. This is mostly connectedto our modern, hectic way of life, which leaves us completelydeprived of energy, drowning in the busy daily grind full withdifferent frustrations. Of course, the fact that stress is bad forour health and that, in the long run, it can have catastrophiceffects upon our health are all facts which need not to be emphasizedfurther. Still, one needs to know when he/she is influenced by stressin order to be able to fight it successfully. For these purposes,taking into consideration that people have many ways to reveal theirown stressed selves, several systems of stress measurement have beendeveloped. By using these, an individual can test him/herself andcheck the stress levels affecting him/herself. Then, if there isstress present, further steps need to be taken in order for it to beremoved.

Stress Tests

The first thing you can do, once youfeel some of the symptoms of stress like sweaty hands, increasedheart rate and others, is to take an online stress assessment test.There are plenty of these tests available on the internet. Aftercompleting 15 questions/tasks, the computer will automatically letyou know how high/low your stress levels are.

Next, for companies which want to beinformed about the stress levels of their workers, there are manydifferent pieces of software which are capable of making uniquestress assessment tests. These can be designed for testing managersor any other employees in any given company since they possess theversatility necessary for adequate creation of these tests.

Alternatively, biodots are alsoconsidered a good stress indicator. These can be found and easilypurchased online and they are basically small paper dots which changecolor depending on the temperature of the surface they are stuck on.Therefore, all you need to do is wear these dots and interpret thecolors according to your body head and stress level subsequently.There is a similar method to this one and it involves wearing a smallthermometer between your fingers, reading your temperature of it,comparing it to your stress levels.

Finally, there are more thoroughdevices called stress monitors, which can be purchased and used athome or wherever you want them. These are attached to the user's bodyand can read out many different pieces of data, completing one'soverall stress chart based on the information gathered.

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