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The things happening to us during our lifetime shape our thoughts and perceptions of our life itself. However, since we are influenced by these thoughts, we are left unsure whether they interfere with our perception of reality, blurring it. Truly, people who have had some bad experiences in life tend to think of themselves as being jinxed or cursed, predicting bad luck and failure whenever they try to succeed in something.

Thoughts and Reality

Often, we need a third entity which can connect to us and our failures and successes, making everything we experience possible. Most people praise God, or some divine power for their positive experiences. On the other hand, our failures are often blamed on our education, parents, environment, background, destiny or a deity once more.

However, no one can be blamed for our failures but us ourselves. Our thoughts and beliefs shape our perceptions of the world around us. In order to fully understand the power of our thoughts and beliefs we need to get out of the auto-pilot regime of functioning and take a look at the world around us.

For example, many scientists are still incapable of proving the ways of gravity and many people are skeptic towards this force even though it manifests before their eyes through each and every moment of their existence. Thus, beliefs shape us.

In the same manner, happiness, the way we, humans, see it, manifests through several factors.

The Law of Attraction

Happiness is having enough money, being healthy, having numerous relationships with other people and succeeding in everything you do in life. Once our force of “gravity” lacks these constituents, we are bound to be worried, frightened, anxious and bothered by excessive stress. On the other hand, being happy results in a carefree existence full of careless, serene happiness.

“Like attracts like” is a saying which has more truth in it than many beliefs in this world. In fact, positive energy is bound to attract the same kind of energy from its surroundings. Surely, some people may believe that energy has nothing to do with us, since we are all flesh and bones. However, this again leads us to the problem of perception. Basically, if we look deep into the matter from which we are created, surpassing bones, cells and molecules we will find one, basic driving force of our existence – energy. Quantum science has established this black and white. According to this branch of science, we are all magnets, attracting energy, not even being aware of this.

All in all, you may move on with your “logical” life, disregarding all of the information mentioned here, or you may open your eyes and become aware of the energy that flows through your body. This energy can be healing, helping you lead a happy life you have always wanted. Think about it.

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