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Sad? Take a Pill!

During the recent years, we have becomemore drug-dependent than ever before. Namely, we are takingantidepressants and similar drugs for almost any possible health ormood problem we are facing.

What was referred to as shyness back inthe days, today is social anxiety. Sadness is depression, playfulnessis hyperactivity etc. We have all become paranoid and have startedlabeling people of all ages and both sexes as soon as they changetheir mood from the “socially acceptable one”.

This, however, is very bad. We do notneed drugs for every single thing which affects us. Our body producesquite enough chemicals for it do deal with most of the troubles thatlife has.

Yet, we are not supposed to docompletely the opposite either. Today, you can either be pro drugs,taking them for every single external stimulus which affects you inany possible way, or to be the sworn enemy of the pharmaceuticalindustry, claiming that we do not need drugs in order to stayhealthy, regardless of our body and mind condition.

This too is a bad attitude to have. Letus stop for a while and think about our actions. Every generalizationis bad. Rather, we should have our own point of view and use medicineand alternative medicine, as well as unorthodox healing methodsrespectively, depending on our own, individual, self and our needs.We need not be bias, but open to all possibilities given to us.

The Symptoms of the Problem

Stay aware of the causes behind yourhealth problems. We live in a society which makes us work long hours,needing to pay for health insurance which will usually not cover foranything but cures coming from the drug industry itself. Moreover, wehave so little time on our hands, since we chase money throughusually more jobs than one, that we are incapable of doing anythingelse but taking a pill and moving on. Thus, the problem is largerthan us.

Next, people do not have time to relax.This introduces frustration and stress in their lives, make themprone to fighting with each other, creates domestic disputes, familyissues, divorces and other problems which later give birth to peoplewho have behavioral disorders and other such problems.

Thus, sometimes, we need a pill or someother cure for our problems. Yet, we need to fix the problem as awhole and use these temporary solutions only for the time being.Happiness is hard to get and we live in a society which gives itsbest to prevent you from being happy and satisfied. Thus, make yourown cheerful microcosm with your family and friends, making eachother happy without using drugs for creating a false effect ofsatisfaction.

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