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Many people cannot seem to demystify causes of their belly fat. Rather, they indulge into serious exercising and do their best to reduce the amount of fat from their abdominal area through diets, all in vain. Belly fat can appear and remain persistent due to numerous reasons which do not always include our lifestyle or nutrition. Thus, you need to understand your belly phenomenon before you learn how to remove it.

Reasons behind Belly Fat

Hormones are responsible for the amount of your belly fat, among other things. A hormone known as cortisol is one of the main hormones which controls the distribution of fat in your abdominal area, since this hormone stores fat. When we are stressed, our body produces more cortisol, leading to a greater accumulation of belly fat.

Of course, your diet affects the size of your belly too. Thus, if you like eating processed and fast food often, as well as very greasy foods, your body will need to produce high amounts of insulin in order to deal with all the fat. These high insulin levels lead to glucagon, the fat burning hormone to get turned off, triggering accumulation of belly fat. Thus, hormones play quite an important role, as far as your belly fat is concerned.

Speaking of your diet, consuming excessive amounts of calories will increase the amount of fat in your body, and the size of your belly as well. So, consume optimal amounts of calories through your diet and refrain from spending too many of these. Namely, when your body lacks nutrients, its hunger hormone levels increase, triggering overeating and increased calorie intake anew.

Finally, the food you eat can be responsible for your belly fat. Nowadays, most foods contain high levels of additives and preservatives, being deprived of necessary nutrients your body needs in order to burn belly fat properly. If your entire diet is based on such food, your body will lack minerals and vitamins, retaining more water, increasing your weight. Moreover, you can get addicted to additives and preservatives, preferring the food which contains them, making matters worse. So, your belly fat may not be made of fat only, but, rather, of toxins and other unhealthy substances too.

What Can You Do?

The cure for this problem is quite simple. Eat healthy, natural and organic food, exercise regularly and lead a proper lifestyle, maintaining your weight and making sure that you give your best not to gain belly fat.

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