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Have you ever wondered why you cannot get rid of that little pot belly. No matter how much you diet or exercise it just won’t go away whilst other parts of the body look great you still have this protrusion just above the belt that seems to want to stay no matter what. There may be a solution to this little problem that is called too much acidity in the body that is preventing you for losing this stomach fat. Let’s look at how you need to alkalize the body that will assist you with weight loss.

Body Acidity

This tummy fat is used by the body to regulate the PH levels. Any adverse changes in your blood PH can make the oxygen supply flow to the body’s cells more difficult. So, the PH is a form of measurement on how much acidic or alkaline your body is. Alkalinity levels are the key to a healthy body and ideally remain at a level of PH 7.35 to 7.45. Maintaining a stable PH level will ensure that insulin levels remain stable which are a key fact in retaining a healthy body weight. If there is any imbalance of these insulin levels and is sustained over period of time, this can lead to diabetes. Also closely connected to a correct PH level is the functionality of the thyroid gland that controls the optimal levels of iodine in our bodies. If the iodine levels are out then the thyroid cannot function correctly leading to health issues.

What you Eat

The tummy fat is normally self induced by what we eat. Things such as too much sugar in drinks or food, artificial preservatives, food flavorings and colorings in food can easily be stored as tummy fats. This toxic build up of fat cells can also be contributed to pollutants in our environment. For example, skin care products and sunscreens that lead to increased levels of acid in the body make it difficult to lose that pot belly. Therefore if the body has too many toxins in it then these excess of fat cells is stored to protect the vital organs from too much toxicity. This process occurs when the body cannot flush out these toxins via your kidneys, the lymph system, sweat glands and your colon.

Detoxing the Body of Toxins

To rid the body tissues of too many toxins and to assist in losing stomach fat is to undertake a detox of the body. In simple terms, drinking plenty of water helps plus colon cleansing or juice fasting, in addition modifying your diet will help in rebalancing the PH levels in the body. Finally, you can test these levels by use of litmus paper in urine and saliva samples. If the level shown is below 6.0 this would indicate that you have a high acidity level in the body. Likewise a reading of 7.5 indicates that you alkalinity level is too high and can lead to health issues.

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