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Belly without fat is a dream of the many people. Especially those who are in middle age, have been pregnant or consume too much food. They have deposits on the abdomen which they want to get rid of. Belly fat, except being unattractive, may be very dangerous too. It releases harmful acids in the body as well as molecules of cytokine, which have inflammatory activity and increase the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. The best solution for this problem is to enter a few changes in diet and do some exercises.


The best weapon in the fight against excess fat on the belly are whole grains. Research has shown that the first group of subjects, who have included a lot of integral cereals in the diet, have lost significantly more fat in the abdominal area, than the second group of subjects, whose diet were based exclusively on vegetables. Experts say that diet rich in whole grains with little processed carbohydrates helps in changing the ratio of glucose and insulin levels and thus facilitates the fat removal. Also, they are rich in fiber, which provide longer feeling of satiety. Fibers are good in preventing constipation and flatulence. These foods should be gradually introduced in the diet.

Besides cereals, unsaturated fats help in reducing abdominal fat. These nutritional elements can be found in avocados, nuts, fruits, seeds, olives, soy beans, chocolate, olive oil and others. They have a lot of health benefits, for example - reducing the risk of heart disease. But that's not a magic formula, either.

Also it is advisable to drink plenty of water, especially in the premenstrual flatulence.


As for exercising, the first thing that comes to mind is doing a lot of abs, regularly and consistently, every day. But, they are not the only way to achieve the goal, and are certainly not comfortable. In the initial period person should exercise more often, to remove fat on the abdomen. Aerobic exercise five times a week for about 45 minutes provides excellent results. Later on, person can reduce the exercise intensity. Exercises should be done in standing position which will provide additional effect on tightening abdominal muscles.

Also, the tummy may look finer by doing a lot funnier activities such as gardening, tennis or dancing. And beside them, it will not hurt to do some abs. It is important to impose even small changes in everyday life.

Reducing Stress

Too much stress contributes to fat built up on the belly, because stress raises levels of cortisol, a hormone that makes abdominal fat. If person feels that he/she is stressed, he/she should find a quiet place to rest and clear his/her mind.

No to Alcohol

Alcohol should be totally excluded from use, because if person drinks, even in small amounts, this may be the reason why clothes became tight. Alcohol also raises level of cortisol and produces above described effect.

Stop Smoking

Some smokers claim that this unpleasant habit makes them slim, but that's not true. Smokers have more fat on the abdomen than non-smokers.

Bones Strengthening

Osteoporosis is bad itself, and the bigger abdomen is one of its consequences. If a person is over the age of 50, he/she should take at least 1200 milligrams of calcium a day from food or through the supplements. If person is under the age of 50, 1000 milligrams a day will be enough.

Nevertheless, the long-term goal of losing abdominal fat is achieved by combining exercise, proper nutrition and other above mentioned rules.

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