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Belly fat

Belly fat is a very common health problem, and it is not unlikely to see even the slim people having a belly and trying to lose that fat. Excessive body fat most likely starts to store in the visceral area and these fat reserves on the stomach stay longest, even if the body loses fat on other spots. Visceral fat or abdominal fat may be very risky. This kind of fat is above all dangerous because the liver turns it into cholesterol and it further circulates through the blood building up dangerous fatty plaque that keeps narrowing the arteries.

Losing belly fat

Losing belly fat is not the easiest task one may want to accomplish. However, there are some good and really effective supplements that can help to burn fat, boost metabolism and suppress the appetite. Of course, one could get rid of the belly fat by fallowing a healthy diet and a regular workout, but these supplements may help to speed up the process and make the whole thing easier. It should be noticed that none of these is the magic potion that will miraculously wash away the fat. Supplements will do what they do only if used with a proper diet and a regular exercise.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is known as one of the world’s best sources of muscle building protein. Besides this, studies show it is a great immunity booster that may keep one healthy even if dieting, working out actively or cutting down on calories. It also stabilizes blood sugar and insulin levels while controlling hunger and food cravings. Furthermore, studies show whey helps improve the body composition owing to amino acid leucine found in it.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)

Essential fatty acids are vital to body functions. However, many people don’t consume the required quantity regularly. Some medical experts believe this is the main reason of high obesity rates throughout the world. EFA are found in cold water fishes, but they also contain a lot of mercury and other hazardous toxins. Supplements are thus probably far more better solution. Using EFA may efficiently speed up the process of losing weight. They also regulate metabolism, blood sugar, insulin production and sensitivity.

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is a type of omega 6 fat that possesses the ability to stimulate a type of body fat that controls the metabolism. This means that taking the EFA supplement that has GLA may lead to burning calories and fat at quicker rate. Supplements made with fish oil might be the best choice, but there are also products made with omega 3-rich flaxseed oil and/or walnut oil.


Products that contain real hoodia are very hard to find. Some examinations show that 2/3 of the hoodia products on the market contain almost no hoodia. Hoodia is grown in Africa and supplies are often limited. Some manufacturers use fillers made from plants to fake hoodia in their supplements and those aren’t effective at all. Real hoodia is a powerful appetite suppressant and some of the patients treated with hoodia say to experience an improvement in mood and energy after taking a dose. They don’t report any of the negative effects of stimulants like caffeine.

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