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The hormone called cortisol is used during the weight lossprogram. It can be found in products called cortisol blockers and they will bethe focus of this text. They are one of the brand new supplements available forthe weight loss and building of muscle mass. The hormone named cortisol is oneof the hormones that are guilty for the gathering of weight, and by blockingthese hormones, a person can reduce the body weight, which is why they are weightloss supplements.


The adrenal cortex releases this hormone, but the release has been done by theinfluence of other hormone named adrenocorticotropic hormone or ACTH, which is secreted by the pituitary gland and it is, along with cortisolhormone, a very important part of the immune system, blood sugar and bloodpressure regulation. Anxiety and stress are the two most common triggers for thecortisol secretion. Also, if a person has high levels of cortisol, especially, for a lengthy period of time, the weight may increase, mostly in the trunks andabdominal area.

Cortisol Blockers

The use of this supplement that blocks the cortisol responsible for weight gain,increases the metabolism and decreases the stress experienced. Also, the musclemass will increase after using this supplement. Some studies show that thissupplement is only effective if the level of cortisol in the body issignificant. There are some disorders that cause gathering of cortisol andthey are hyperthyroidism, adrenal tumor, adrenal cancer, Cushing’s syndrome, as well as certain medications. The high levels of cortisol are not associated with stress,which may lead to a considerable increase of body weight. As we have said, for thissupplement to be effective, levels of cortisol have to be high, which issomething not possible if only stress produces this hormone. Unfortunately,even today there is no scientific study that proves that fat accumulation andhigh level of cortisol are connected. There was a study that made some sort ofconnection, but it was made based on the cortisol level in the urine and notthe blood, which is more relevant. There are many otherreasons for the fat accumulation, such as fatty foods, overeating, lifestyleand many others, but you should know that any supplement can be substituted by exercising andproper diet, which are even more effective and healthier. Also, proper diet must accompany the use of cortisol blockers. There are some sideeffects that can arise from using cortisol blockers, but it is recommended to talk about them with yourdoctor before taking these supplements. Know that mediation and other ways ofstress management methods are better than cortisol supplements.

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