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Maintaining a healthy weight is not an easy task. It requiresconstant watch of your diet and regular exercise to keep the weight on thedesired number of kilograms. However, there are people that closely look aftertheir meals, exercise regularly several times per week and still, they haveproblems with a few extra pounds. One of the possible explanations is thatthese people suffer from hormonal imbalance, which is the cause of them beingoverweight.

Hormones are very important for human body, and manyfunctions they perform wouldn’t be possible without them. Hormones travel troughthe blood to each organ of the body, affecting their functioning. Nervousor respiratory systems, our kidney, liver or brain couldn’t do what they aresupposed to without hormones. Scientists established the connectionbetween the weight gain and level of hormones in the body. When hormones arebalanced there is no problem and the body is healthy. Imbalanced hormones areanother story, and they are blamed for many health problems in the body,including: diabetes, osteoporosis and hypertension. Infertility is anotherissue that may be caused by hormonal imbalance, as well as the weight gain.

Some of the most important hormones in the human body are femalehormones estrogen and progesterone, but also male hormones androgen andtestosterone. Cortisol and Insulin are also known to attribute the weight gainin certain people.

Estrogen and Progesterone

Estrogen is produced by the ovaries in women, and itsmain function is to trigger ovulation every month. Decrease of estrogen level inthe body causes body to convert calories from the food to the fat cells,increasing the fat in your body. Menopausal women are found to be especiallyprone to this condition, because of the decline of estrogen in their condition.

Progesterone level also declines during the menopause, butit doesn’t cause direct effects to weight gain. It is, however, responsible forthe bloating effect that many women despise for making them heavier than theyactually are.

Testosterone and Androgen

Increase of androgen hormone can be the reason of fataccumulated around your abdominal area, while decreased level of testosteronecould result in loss of muscles and weight gain, in both men and women.

Insulin and Cortisol

Insulin resistance could also lead the calories to getstored in the body as fat. Cortisol, especially under some stressfulcircumstances, can cause fat around the belly. This type of fat is verydangerous for your health and some even call it “toxic fat” for that reason.

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