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Let’s go to the south beach

The word “beach” evokes in just about anybody those most pleasant of memories, feelings and moods. But if this word was to be combined with the words “south” and “diet plan”, than the smile on one’s face would definitely would disappear. The South Beach diet plan has extremely quickly reached that top spot on the list of most effective and result yielding diet regimes of today. Its primary strength lies in the fact that only those diet and lifestyle alterations that aid one in freeing oneself from that excessive weight once and for all lie at its foundation. Namely, just by reducing bad fats, together with the carb intake on one hand and increasing the intake of those good fats on the other, a person in question is on the best possible way to lose those menacing additional pounds in a completely natural manner and without the need to deprive oneself of anything and thus bring more harm than good to both the body and health in general.

Phases and steps

Having this diet regime in mind, it is extremely important to emphasize that it is comprised of three major phases. In the first one, people who are on a diet need to bring to a halt the entire carbs intake, save for vegetables. The phase in question represents that most difficult one, since it is here that one will discover how strong his desire and character are. On the plus side, the initial phase is also the one that will pass fairly soon, given the fact it lasts just 14 days in total. The second phase presupposes reintroduction of food varieties abounding in carbs, which were “issued” a ban just a while ago. The result of this is an approximately 2 pound loss every week. The entire process needs to be fortified by raising the amount of carbs that one consumes. Second phase ends the moment a person in question reaches his/her desired body weight. The ultimate stage represents nothing else but the phase which is characterized by the maintenance of the previously achieved results, and it is a lifetime when it comes to overall duration period.

Motivation up

In order for the diet regime in question to provide satisfactory results, a person in question needs to keep his/her mental strength at all times. What have experts discovered is that the most effective technique for this purpose is supplementing the diet regime with techniques from NLP, which has the power to boost ones motivation to those needed and most desired levels.

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