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More than imaginable

As many can already imagine, today we are surrounded by an astonishing number of diets and eating styles. These numbers even go beyond one's wildest dreams in terms of numbers. Now, despite the fact that such a great number of them is readily available to all people worldwide, some are still deemed as quite effective and working, while others are labeled as fad or frauds, and do not work.

The fact is that this depends on the person in question solely. Namely, certain diets and diet-habit changes can prove to be quite beneficial to one person, while leaving another more defenseless than he/she used to be prior to taking up a certain diet plan. For the purpose of making it all a bit more easier for all those people who are considering starting with a specific diet plan or introducing a new diet habit in their everyday lives, experts have come up with a working definition of a 'working' diet. The effective diet is the one that contributes significantly to the long-term improvement of overall health, accompanied by loss of excessive weight, or with gaining weight if the condition requires it, of course.

Those diets that enable a person to lose 2 or 3 pounds during a period of six months, and then gain 4 pounds or more once they have returned to their previous diet and lifestyle habits is most certainly not regarded as a 'working' diet. Furthermore, even such a diet that enables one to shed as much as 4 pounds in two weeks or more, for example, while leaving quite severe scars on the person's overall health is a diet worth avoiding. Main reason for this is that such diets can, and quite often do, bring about weakness and tendency to get ill quite easily, as well as rashes, digestive aches, lack of energy and alike.

The most prominent ones

According to certain research studies, those diets that have been most frequently opted for include such as – Atkins (removal of grains as a benefit, low carbs intake on the downside), Metabolic typing (accurately determines nutritional requirement, but it might turn out to complicated for proper individual comprehension), Healthy eating (increase in vegetables consumption is a big upside, but there is no clear cut distinction between individual differences in food requirements), Following food cravings, Juicing diet, Blood type diet, Glycemic load diet, Zone diet, South beach diet, Low fat diets, Mediterranean diet, etc.

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