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The diet plan in question is regarded as a calorie-well-controlled, carbs altered, fats decreased weight loss one, which is primarily aimed at aiding a person who adheres to it in burning those pure fats out of the body system, and shedding the excessive weight on the way also. One of the main upsides of this diet regime is that it brings on results without any need to deprive one of something or to spend valuable energy uselessly. And, of course, such a well-founded diet regime is certainly going to find its way into many homes, and stomachs come to that.

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When it comes to the functioning principle of the diet regime in question, it must be pointed out that food varieties that get included are those that are much closer to their natural sources. This especially means fruits, whole grains, vegetables, since they are known to be put to purpose much more productively by our bodies, thus contributing to our better health in a more direct and profound way. For those who are not that into food varieties, and those who have never had the chance of coming across the term whole food, this implies those types of food that have undergone any modification and have remained in their natural form in which they are further acquired.

This also includes those varieties that have undergone only a slight modification through such processes as cooking, for example. On the other hand, those food varieties that have undergone a substantial modification are known under the name of processed foods. In order to provide a more picturesque explanation, we can use readily compared blueberries – which represent whole food, and blueberries toaster pastries – which represent processed food variety.

Another most evident advantage and benefit of the whole food varieties is the fact that they abound in fibers to a much greater extent than processed foods. And fibers are known to be one of the most important promoters of weight loss since they decrease the amount of calories body takes in after a certain meal, and they bring about the sensation of fullness much faster.

The diet plan in question is rooted in the 4-3-2-1 pyramid, i.e. four servings of fruits and vegetables, three lean protein servings, two whole grain servings and an additional extra (fats, oils, sweets, alcohol up to 200 calories), all combined with the proper exercise.

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