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Dieting is something that might present a big problem for some people, while some are reducing their weight easily. This second group of people is based mostly on men due to the different rate of basal metabolism and hormonal levels than those in women. This does not mean that weight cannot be eliminated, but some people just have to put more effort in this task.


There is always something new offered to those who are having problems with obesity. One of the latest things is Tony Ferguson weight loss – a starvation diet that guarantees loss of the pounds. It is a fast diet based on very low calorie intake allowed daily – about 1000 calories, which is really low, especially for men. As any other fast diet, this one also has certain disadvantages. First of all, it lasts for no more than two weeks. Why? Because it is based on a big difference between energy input and output. This makes the body search for energy in the body, and since usually carbs are reduced in these diets, defensive mechanism in the organism is turned on, preserving the fat tissue and eliminating water and proteins. Fat will be eliminated as well, but loss of water and proteins might prove to be very unhealthy and problematic for the organism. Also, some side product can be created in the fat burning process, the substances that might be harmful for certain organs in the body, such as brain.

That is one thing. The other thing is about the time when the diet is over. After the period of dieting, people usually return to their old ways when it comes to eating, and very quickly, the lost pounds return. This also goes for Tony Ferguson weight loss program. This is why a more permanent and detailed plan is needed, which means that once a fast diet is over, it should be continued immediately with some healthy, balanced eating. How to apply it? Simply, eat only healthy food, eliminate all junk, soda juices, overeating etc. There should be as many meals in the daily menu as possible, including a lot of fruits, vegetables, healthy fish and poultry’s meat, whole grains with a lot of fibers etc.


Is this diet any better than dozens of other available to people on the market? It will be effective only as long as people are determined to make it work. Some pounds will be eliminated, but how long those pounds will really stay off depends only on the person using this diet.

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