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Many women dream about having long, healthy looking andshiny hair, like in commercials. Probably because of that, there are numeroushair products, claiming to be the best and only relevant when it comes to hairgrowth.

If you don’t look after your hair – it will definitivelyshow very soon. You hair might start to fall and you could experience thinningof the hair or even baldness. Hormonal changes might be the reason behind someunwanted conditions of our hair, as well as some products simply being wrong for ourhair, but it is also very dependable on the nutritional imbalances. You have todo something about the condition of your hair, before it grows out of control.

Important Hair Vitamins

Monitoring the food we take is one of the ways we can helpour hair to grow longer and healthier. Our eating habits affect the conditionof the hair, so it’s important to take enough nutrients with the diet. Iron,vitamins and proteins are very important for both body and the hair, so weshould strive to take enough proteins and vegetables rich in iron every day. Ifthere is a lack of something, like iron or vitamins in the body, one should consultthe doctor and ask for his or her opinion about supplements and their use. Also,your doctor can answer all your questions regarding possible side effects ofthese supplemental tablets in your particular case.

Vitamins A, B6, C and E are necessary to keep the body healthyand our hair healthy and growing, and they can be found in many hair careproducts. Also, increasing the amount of food rich in these vitamins will bebeneficial for your hair.

Vitamin A can be found in eggs, fish and green leafyvegetables like spinach.

Vitamin B6 is helpful for prevention of hair loss and the maintenanceof the texture and color of the hair. Eat whole grains and egg yolks to take enoughof this vitamin, but be careful not to take too much, because it can cause somehealth problems.

Vitamin C is essential vitamin for the health of the humanskin and hair. Taking plenty of citrus fruits, berries, bell peppers andpotatoes will provide enough of this vitamin on a daily basis.

Vitamin E can be found in dry fruits, vegetable and wheatgerm oils, but also in the nuts and soy beans.

How to Keep Hair Healthy

Look for products suitable for your hair that will promoteits growth and health. In the long run, you must also watch for stress and tryto decrease the amount of stressful events in your life, for it has been proven to affectthe condition of your whole body and organs, including your skin and hair. Ensuring the proper diet regime, low stress in the life andproper hair care products will pay off, and you will have healthy looking haireven as an older person.

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