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When it comes to perfecting a body, there might be someproblems with certain areas, especially if there are a lot of extra poundspresent. This means that some special treatment is necessary for those problematicregions. One of those is definitely the abdominal area, but there are also someothers that might become an issue, so chest area will be mentioned here.

Upper torso

Sometimes, when there is a lot of extra fat tissue presentand that tissue is eliminated with the help of the dieting, exercising,supplements, surgery etc, a lot of skin might be left behind and that isusually called man boobs (when we talk about men, of course). And in cases when thereis some fat left, this problem is emphasized even more. So, what would be thesolution here? Push-ups are certainly a way to reduce man boobs! This exercise is one ofthe most important things that need to be done in order to get rid of manboobs. Of course, this is the situation when no additional weight is used.


This is an overall great exercising form because it affectsseveral muscle groups. How is it done? The body has to be parallel with the floor and propped on the toes and palms. Hands are straight, set at the shoulderwidth. The body is lowered then by bending the arms in elbows. Of course, the bodygets as low as possible without touching the ground and then goes back the sameway with straightening the arms. This simple form affects the arms, upper torso (boobs),back, abdominal region, and even thighs are slightly affected. It is interestingthat slight modification can change the focus on certain muscles with this exercise.For example, performing push-ups with palms placed one next to other willgreatly shift the focus on the triceps. Widening the distance from shoulderwidth will start focusing shoulder muscles.

There are other forms of push-upsthat should be mentioned as well. For example, level of the legs can be raised and thatwill create more pressure on the hands. Also, there is a difference if feet arepositioned close one to another or if there is a lot of distance between them. Thereis another interesting exercise that evolved form push-ups. Feet are far apart andthe lower back area is positioned as high as possible (just like angry cat!).Regular push-up is not performed, but something different. Palms are positionedout in the front as much as possible, and then torso is sliding near the floor, passing the palms and entering one of the yoga position, with hips opened asmuch as possible. And after that, the torso goes back. The exercise is very intensive, very hard, and it works the entire torso, arms and hips. As for some other forms of push-ups,there are clap push-ups, one hand push-ups, inverse stand push-ups etc. Some exotic specialties such as push-ups performed without using the entire palmsbut only two fingers can also be done.

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