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If you are struggling with extra weight there are all sorts of diets you can follow to deal with the problem. There are fad diets, such as Atkins’ diet that are very restrictive since certain types of food are completely eliminated. On the other hand, there are diets, such as weight watchers that allow all kinds of food but limit the calories and intake of fat.

Weight Watchers Diet Program

Weight watchers diet is a low-fat and low-calorie diet that involves a point system in which each food item has its point value. However, this system just like any other has advantages and drawbacks and can be effective for some individuals while others may not like it.

Weight watchers program helps you to lose about ten pounds in two years which makes it a good diet for people who are not overweight. On the other hand, obese people who have to lose more weight should opt for more restrictive diet.

Also, Weight watchers program offers meetings that are designed to motivate and encourage dieters although some people do not find it supportive and motivating.

Advantages of Weight Watchers Point SystemWeight watchers diet has several benefits. One of them is that the diet allows intake of all kinds of food therefore a dieter does not have to struggle with cravings and hunger. By following weight watchers point system you know how much of what foods you are allowed to eat. This helps you control your weight as you become aware of portion size. Unlike many other diet programs, weight watchers do not require to eliminate all sugars.

Weight watchers also has an advantage of flexible diet plan. The dieter is allowed to occasionally save up the points to use them later in the week. The flexible program allows you to visit online forums and different online resources of recipes as well as online point calculator if you do not have time to regularly attend meetings.

Drawbacks of Weight Watchers Point System

Despite many advantages of weight watchers diet, some people are not satisfied with the program. At certain times, one must use quite complex formula to get the resulting points so many people do not like to bother with calculations and find it easier to simply eliminate certain types of food.

Weight watchers meetings are expensive and according to some, very annoying and boring.

Although this diet supposedly offers the dieter to lose weight without sacrificing his or her favorite foods it is actually not true. The dieter can eat unhealthy foods but in tiny portions to fit into daily allowed points. Also, the diet does not consider individual dietary needs.

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