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An Excellent Fitness Activity

Making children stay physically activecan be troublesome at some times, since they are not alwaysinterested in sports and tend to change their minds often when itcomes to nurturing a certain physical skill. However, if you buy,install and secure a trampoline in your house or your backyard, youwill have nothing to worry about, because your children will haveplenty of exercise. The great thing about trampolining is the factthat it is a very enjoyable process which every kid will like.Moreover, while they are jumping around, they will do basic andadvanced bodily exercises which will keep them fit and in a good shapelater. What is more, even parents can benefit from trampolineexercising. All you need to do is to get familiar with goodexercising methods related to this activity. Read on to learn moreand start practicing as soon as possible.

Trampoline Jumping Skills

Before you start doing flips and whatnot, remember to start gradually until you become more familiar withthe trampoline. Thus, stand in the middle of the bed and performsmall bounces, starting from a position involving you standing withyour feet at your shoulders width. Once you bounce, you are to standin the same position again. If you happen to want to stop, all youneed to do is to land on your knees. Also, always make sure you arein the center of the bed and keep an eye on the edges of thetrampoline, not getting close to them.

Always keep your body straight and inline, while balancing with your arms. In fact, you may use your armsfor increasing or decreasing the bouncing intensity and speed.

As for the “tricks” related tobouncing on the trampoline, there are quite a few. For example, youmight perform seat drops which involve bouncing while seated,grabbing your legs and bounding again while pushing yourself off thebed using your hands. Also, you might land on your knees, performthree smaller bounces and then return to the original position, doingthis repeatedly several times.

Then, you might try and land on allfour, bouncing this way and changing positions in air, again landingin the same manner. Your rebounding may make you use different bodyparts, even your abdominal areas. Once you are in air, you just needto make sure you are not leaving the center of the trampoline bed andthat you are going to land in the initial position. These tinychanges in the landing sequences add creativity to your exercisingand make you involve many different body parts. Finally, always makesure you perform three small bounces before making the main rebound.This keeps the rhythm and provides you with more control over thetrampoline.

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