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While most of us connect trampoline with nothing more and nothing less than pure fun or, perhaps, competition, there are more purposes and usages behind this device. Namely, it can be used for working out and staying fit since rebounding off a trampoline can engage most of your muscles and help you burn calories.

Trampoline Types

There are two basic types of trampolines. The largest ones are often found in gymnasiums and have a diameter of about 12 to 16 feet. On the other hand, the smaller ones may be found at people’s backyards or many other places, mainly used for fun activities, having a diameter of about 3 feet. The latter type can be used for exercising and losing weight while having loads of fun at the same time.

Trampoline Exercises

Since trampoline exercises can be quite demanding, you are advised to perform proper warm-up exercises beforehand. Basically, stretch all of your muscles while still on the ground.

One you jump on the trampoline, believe it or not, you can jog. However strange this might sound, jogging on a trampoline is better than regular jogging since it does not affect your joints in a negative way. All you need to do is start slowly and then increase the speed, working your way up until you start jogging as if you were on the ground. Once you get more experienced, lift your knees to your hips, increasing the impact.

Knee exercises

In fact, you can benefit greatly when it comes to fitness if you lift your knees high during jumping and bouncing. Additionally, you will enjoy the up and down ride.

The next exercise for you involves bending your knees slightly, while keeping your arms on your waist. Then, while keeping the legs separated at a shoulder length, bounce slowly until you learn how to do it successfully. Then, increase the intensity.

Jumping on one leg and twisting

Alternatively, you can start jumping with both of your legs close together, and then land with only one of them, while keeping the opposite arm raised high and alternating the position on the next landing.

Twisting is healthy when you are on a trampoline. So, with every landing, turn your body to the opposite side. Also, on every landing you can bend your one leg so that it touches your buttock.

Why are Trampoline Exercises Good for You?

Trampoline exercises speeds up your metabolism and increases your stamina. Also, it is gentle on your knees, joints and other parts of your body. On the other hand, it is quite effective, allowing you to lose weight, increase your muscle tone and improve your digestive system.

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