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A Simple, Yet Effective Exercise

Many people who are into exercisingregularly desire to tone all of their muscles. However, finding aproper exercise for your lower back and gluteal muscles is not easy.Thus often, even though they exercise regularly, some women do notmanage to have these muscles in the good shape while men tend to sufferfrom lower back pain for the same reason. However, this does notnecessarily have to be so, since there is an exercise which, amongother muscles, takes care of your lower back and gluteal ones aswell. This exercise is the donkey kick. It will form your behind andmake it firm, while toning all your lower back muscles perfectly.Moreover, it is easy and quick to perform and it engages your legs,arms, buttocks and back all at once.

Donkey Kick Exercises

First, you need to know how to performdonkey kicks with your legs straight. Your initial position willinvolve you getting on all fours, as if you are about to do push-ups.Then, bend one knee while straightening the other leg completely.Afterwards, raise the straightened leg as high as you can, whileproviding it support with the other leg. As you swing your leg, pushyourself off the ground, as if you are going to make a hand stand.Upon reaching the ground with your supporting leg, lower the otherone slowly, returning into the initial position. Repeat 10 kicks witheach leg and do 3 sets.

Another variant of the donkey kickexercise involves you standing on your hands and knees on the floor.Then, while keeping your knees together and your arms at a shoulderlength, raise one bent leg up as much as you can, hold it there forseveral seconds, and then return it to the initial position. Oncedoing 10 kicks like this, switch the leg and do the same amount.Repeat this whole procedure in 3 sets.

Finally, you might perform donkey kicksby using a stability ball as well. Here, your initial position willinvolve you placing the ball under your stomach, leaning in front andplacing your hands on the floor. Once you have done this, bend oneleg, keeping in mind that your lower body is raised on the ball, andperform a kick straightening the leg, making it parallel with yourhips, without pointing your foot. When done, return to the initialposition. Repeat this 10 times with each leg with 5 repetitions.

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