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Not Just For Those Who Want To Climb Mountains

Even though mountain climbing exercises are performed mainly by those who are in the actual sport, there are other people who may desire to indulge into this type of physical activity. Namely, mountain climbing exercises offer one a thorough bodily workout, involving almost all of his or her muscles. Thereby, many people do this kind of workout in order to get in shape, strengthen their bodies, or for various other purposes. This demands stamina, raw strength and muscle power, therefore, making it a choice of numerous people.

What Is To Be Gained Through Mountain Climbing Exercises?

First and foremost, as mentioned above, you develop your muscles and increase their strength. And this does not involve only your arms and hands. Rather, your whole body is put on a test, and most of its muscles are activated and boosted during this exercise. Those who like mountain climbing, but dislike the cold, wind and snow, may want to enjoy this exercise in the comfort of a secluded, warm room. Besides, being one of the best exercises for your cardiovascular health, it will also result in the development of your abs and boost the rest of your body muscle mass, making you fitting to be a real mountain climber at the same time.

The Exercising Procedure

Before you start doing these workouts seriously, you need to have a strong back, capable of supporting your whole weight. Thus, people who may have weaker backs, need to concentrate on increasing their strength in this respect beforehand.

Those who are capable of engaging the workout procedure, may start with assuming the push up position. Then, with their arms straightened and their toes touching the ground, they are to raise one leg and bend it in the knee. After doing that, they should return it into the initial position and do the same with the other leg, repeating the whole process 5 times for each leg.

From the same position, you might bend your one of your legs and move it all the way up to your arm, holding it that way for 30 seconds, repeating it with the other leg.

Finally, you can perform duck jumps. These involve jumping from an initial position which involves having your legs spread wide. Then, while jumping, make sure your legs are in front of your body. When landing, you are to land in a squatting position. Then, spread one of your legs, then the other and jump again, repeating the pattern.

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