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Pimple is inflamed part of the skin that occurs in the form of red bulge. It occurs when dead skin cells clogged pores, which blocks the work of the sebaceous glands. These glands secrete sebum, which helps in preventing dry skin. Blocked pores inhibit the release of sebum, which accumulates below the clogged pores. The described process causes the appearance of pimples that may or may not contain pus. If beneath the pores together with sebum accumulate bacteria and dead skin cells that can lead to severe pain even on the smallest touch. People wishing to remove as soon as possible these horrible creations on face and to ease the pain often resort to their squeezing. However, it is not advisable to touch, poke, squeeze or scratch pimples. Unprofessional squeezing removes only 40% of harmful pimple content while the rest is pushed deeper beneath the skin which can lead to serious infection and scarring.

There are several ways that can alleviate the painful pimples. Towel soaked in cold water and leaned on the face can significantly ease the pain. Also, regularly washing at least twice a day is of great importance. In addition, the different products can be purchased in pharmacies without a prescription such as Acnezine for oral use and Belzoyl peroxide in the form of a cream that is applied to the affected skin areas. In severe forms of the large number of sores red in acne should seek the help from a dermatologist.

Although pressing pimples out is not recommended, there are situations in which it is worth the risk. But in order to avoid possible adverse effects it is necessary to comply fully with procedures. Before explaining how displacement of pimples works, it is important to point out that there are subcutaneous pimples that are deeply buried and can not be squeeze. These pimples shouldn’t press out because there is a danger of pushing them deeper under the skin which can cause an infection. In addition, there are mature pimples, whose head is visible on the skin surface. These pimples is allowed to squeeze but under certain conditions.

Primarily, the hands must be washed, nails short and the area under the nails cleaned.

Then, it is necessary to prepare the skin in the upcoming trauma. It includes skin exposure to water vapor in order to expand the pores and facilitate the whole procedure.

When conditions are fulfilled, it is necessary to gently squeeze the pimples using sterile gauze. It is necessary to squeeze pus from the pimple out until it becomes watery and light red blood flows from spot where the pimple was.

After that, on the place where the pimple was should apply a cold compress, to astringe the pores and protect from dirt entering.

Preventive measures of the formation of pimples include: washing twice a day, a quality diet rich in nutrients, regular physical activity, avoidance of stressful situations and enough sleep.

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