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Annoying Pimples

Sometimes, during the course of our lives, we might experience red bumps appearing on our face. They can be filled with pus and extremely painful and very unsightly, making our face and skin less attractive. This happens due to overproduction of oil by our sebaceous glands. This oil is supposed to prevent our skin from getting dry. However, excessive amounts of it may lead to clogging the pores on our skin, causing inflammations otherwise known as pimples. These inflammations usually disappear on their own in a matter of a few days. However some people, especially teenagers, who tend to suffer these skin problems do not want to wait that long and often try to remove the pimples on their own. They either squeeze them out or dry their faces out. Unfortunately, these actions are bound to make things only worse. A better approach to this problem needs to be suggested. There are several methods which have proven to be efficient. As you read on you may find out which of the following will work for you.

Reduce Pimple Redness Effectively

One of the best possible remedies for these purposes is toothpaste. All you need to do is squeeze a small portion of toothpaste and apply it on the pimple before you go to bed. In the morning, your swelling will be much less intensive and you will not be irritated by the pimple further. Note that you should not use gel-based toothpastes for these purposes.

Secondly, all those who suffer from oily skin will benefit from a gentle exfoliation. All you need to do is use some of the gentle exfoliation packs in order to remove the problematic layers of the skin and remove the excessive oil, allowing your skin to breathe freely and stay clean.

Evenly applying and leaving tomato or cucumber juice on the surface of your skin for about 15 minutes before removing it with lukewarm water will make your skin dryer and your pimples less red. You might try applying a mixture of Aspirin powder and water, achieving the same or a similar effect.

Sometimes, applying icepack onto the inflamed skin part is known to be quite soothing, removing the redness. Finally, there are countless of antibacterial skin products you can use for keeping your facial skin clean and free of pimples making the existing ones much less of a threat.

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