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Eyesore and a Sore Skin

Pimples are always unwanted guests on our skin, especially if the area where they have decided to emerge is our face. Unpleasant to be seen, these pestering spawns deliver a significant amount of pain and irritation to the unfortunate victim. Even though, a pimple is sometimes painless, it is never invisible, let alone attractive. Therefore, people desire to get rid of pimples as soon as possible, without causing any negative side-effects like scarring or infection. Follow these tips in order to do away with pimples quickly and effectively.

When to Treat the Pimple Yourself?

First and foremost, the type of treatment varies depending on the type of the pimple. Namely, some pimples are just infected and can be treated easily. Unfortunately, some are more complicated and involve cysts deep inside your skin. For the latter cases, it is best to seek professional help from a dermatologist since treating it yourself may cause scars and further damage to your face or other parts of your skin.

Patience Is a Virtue

It is extremely important to stay calm once a pimple appears on your face. Being connected with our mental state, stress can make them flourish or multiply. Thus, do not fall into desperation or hysteria. Rather, accept the pimple and deal with it gradually, rather than squeezing it the moment it appears. This goes even more for people with painful pimples, since pain may trigger more stress, thus amplifying the cause of this skin problem's appearance in the first place.

What Can Be Done?

Proper hygiene is crucial, and you will have to take great care of your face, keeping it clean and disinfected. While washing your face, make sure you are not being rough on the pimple, since this can only make the situation worse. Rather, concentrate on cleaning your pores and removing dirt and oily matter from them. You can use a soap or other cosmetic products which are mild to the skin and free of substances which can cause skin problems. Use clean towels for wiping your face, since bacteria may rest in the used ones, getting right back onto your face as soon as it has been cleaned. Finally, if you decide to use cosmetic products, choose those which are adequate for your type of skin. Thoroughly wash your face at least two times a day, to prevent pimples from appearing and to keep your pores clean.

Finally, if you feel you must pop the pimple since it does not consider going away, do it right. Place a warm, wet cloth over the pimple and keep it that way for a few minutes, in order to soften the skin and make it easier to get open. Next, take a sterile type of material, a gauze or similar, and press the pimple lightly, without being aggressive or rough. If it pops, it was ready for it. However, if it does not, do not force it to since you can damage your skin. Rather, wait a day or two and try again.

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