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One of the biggest beauty problems these days is the acne problem. It affects those people with greasy skin. Acne and the pimples are usually caused by bacteria that are present in everyone’s organism. The facial skin becomes more problematic and filled with acnes when the situation gets more complicated. That is, when the dead cells of the facial skin accumulate on the surface, preventing the living cells to disperse them. The inevitable consequence is the clogged pores. Then, the excess oil from the area underneath the clogged pore also accumulates and the bacteria get fed on it. So, the immune system tries to resist and it creates the swelling and the inflammation that can be seen, resulting in what the doctors call acne vulgaris. The follicle is filled with pus.

There are some helpful advices, concerning the emergency treatment with the things that can be found in every household. So, the useful thing that can play the role of a remedy is, for example, toothpaste or any other remedy that is rich in zinc. But, one should remember that any other touching of the face with fingers (except when washing or cleaning the face) should be forbidden. Especially popping the acne is not recommended, although the pimple that is not compressed may look extremely irritating to some people.

Pores can be opened both with heating (steamy shower on treated place for 10- 15 min.) or mint washing which is prepared using 1tsp peppermint oil mixed with half of cup cool water. Important advice is to apply this mixture with cotton gently on suffering area and to avoid rubbing. Next thing that should be done is cleaning off the dead skin and the excess oil. That is done with a dose of oil in a cold cream which will disintegrate your skin excess oil. Once it is finished, it should be rinsed with warm water, and after that with cold water to close the pores.

These can be considered as two main steps during the healing process. After we successfully clean treated area, it’s highly recommended to use Aspirin tablets on the critical spots, so we can be assured that the excess bacteria’s are killed. If used properly, this daily treatment should reduce appearance of acnes and cure the ones that already exist. In order to avoid face drying it’s recommended to go through this treatment twice a day (no more), once in the morning and once in the evening, for the best results.

Also, lying on the sun can help, especially in the process of healing the irritated skin and it kills the bacteria successfully. Of course, one must avoid exposing to the sun extremely.

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