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Introduction to pimple care

The fact of the matter is that getting rid of the acne is difficult and it will take a while to fully get rid of pimples. They will not go away overnight.

People believe that popping a pimple is the fastest way to make it go away, but not all pimples should be popped. Hives that have puss in them that can be released with pressure should try to be popped, especially if the hives appear to be completely white and full of puss.

Red pimples that are below the skin are very painful and should not be touched. They cannot be popped and people will only experience a lot of pain trying to pop them. Trying to pop these red hives can cause further infections, which will only increase the amount of time the pimple will remain on the skin.

There are also many myths that need to be disregarded. Tanning will not get rid of acne. Even though tanning dries up the skin, the oils that create the pimple remain on the skin.

People who tan risk to damage their skin even more and can experience dry and irritated skin.

Tanning is not an acne treatment, and it also increases the risks of premature aging of the skin and skin cancer even.

The best thing to do is to wash the face with antibacterial soap several times a day. If the acne is severe, then the person should contact a doctor or dermatologist for help.

How to pop pimples properly

There are rules that should be followed for popping pimples that can be popped.

It is important to remember that no one should be popping the hives with their bare fingers.

There is usually a good amount of dirt on the fingers that could force the bacteria back into the pores and make the skin infection even worse. This could result in an even deeper pimple and potential scarring.

There is also a chance of squeezing the puss and bacteria back into the pours, which will result in an irritated acne cyst, which will remain on the face for much longer, be much bigger and cause scarring eventually.

The first step for proper popping is to take two sterile pads and gently press on each side of the pimple. If the puss comes out right away then it is good, but if the person is having a hard time getting the puss out, they need to stop trying. Once the white puss has been removed, then take some hydrogen peroxide or antibiotic cream and place it on another pad, which will be used to wipe down and clean the area.

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