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The nose is the worst place for the emergence of pimple. Since the nose is the most prominent part of the face, a big, red pimple on it becomes the most striking “decoration” on the face that can’t be covered up with any method. Attention of companions and passers-by is with certainty directed to this terrible bunch. In addition, as the pimple is on the tip of the nose, the person who has it can see it which deconcentrate and diverts attention of that person causing lack of self-confidence. Therefore, the pimple on the nose can be a real annoyance.

Nose pimple can be removed in 7 easy steps.

Although pimple is very boring and ugly and people can not wait to get rid of it, it is not advisable to poke and squeeze it because it can lead to the spread of bacteria causing the appearance of new pimples on rest of the face, in some cases even infection. Also, squeezing pimples can lead to the formation of scars on the nose, so the pimple on the nose should be left alone and let the professionals deal with it.

The second step of removing nose pimple means a regular wash twice a day. This is the optimal frequency of washing, which should not exceed because excessive washing can dry skin out. It is necessary to wash face with a mild antibacterial agent that will assist in the elimination of bacteria from the nose pimple.

The third step involves drying the skin after washing with light tapping the face with towel. Rough rubbing over face can damage the skin. In the case of nose pimple, because it can burst and leak during washing, at first it is necessary to clear pimple by tissues, and then to dry the rest of the face with towel to avoid spreading bacteria and pus from pimples across face.

The fourth step involves the use of facial mask. Since a large number of masks are available on the market, each person must find the right mask according to skin type. These masks open the pores and draw excess oils from the skin preventing the creation of pimples.

The fifth step involves washing the mask from the face and applying cream that will speed up the process of pimple withdrawal on nose pimple before going to sleep.

The sixth step involves increasing the quality of nutrition. This factor does not affect directly on nose pimple but has an indirect effect on the prevention of its repeated popping up. Poor quality of skin is a sure indicator of poor nutrition.

If improving the diet quality does not contribute significantly to regeneration of the skin, but takes the seventh step which includes the diet enrichment with different vitamin supplements.

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