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What is cyclocross?

Cyclocross is a form of racing which is not very lengthy,but it is quite intense, and requires a lot of the vigor and stamina. Cyclocrossraces last for about a half an hour, sometimes even one whole hour, and they involve riding a bike, and getting off of it at some point in order to surpass certainobstacles on foot, after which returning on the bike and finishing the race.

What kind of skills does one require for cyclocross?

Cyclocross develops a wide specter of abilities such asrunning, readiness for going into action suddenly, control over speeding up anddown so that it is in a timely manner, cornering, descending and technicaltransitions.

When preparing for cyclocross from scratch, the first thingsto work on are strength and energy, as well as descending and cornering skills.Another thing that is important to master is the act of running and lifting upthe bike. For those who have not yet perfected all the skills that make forprofessional cyclocross riders, and yet they are not at the very beginning, thefocus is on the strength of upper-body parts and the muscles whose developmentis required for running. This is also the stage where the riders should startmeasuring the time while practicing and become more aware of the rate of itspassing. Finally, elite racers are the ones who are doing cyclocross for awhile and training dedicatedly, which means that they have mastered pretty muchall of the above-mentioned skills. All that is left for them is to maintaintheir abilities and strength, and also perfect and polish their technique.

How should one prepare for cyclocross?

The base of cyclocross training is in obtaining sufficientstrength and stamina. After that, exercises to tighten up the muscles, and slowpedaling are very welcome to be included in regular exercise for cyclocross.Another thing that might not be so commonly used to prepare for cyclocross, butcan accomplish extraordinary results is aerobics. Aerobic exercises not onlyaffect the body, but they also regulate the breathing and improve the oxygensystem. This is not a negligible achievement, since the body is put under a lotof strain and a large amount of energy is being spent, and breathing fully andproperly and having all the oxygen that can be supplied can really have apositive impact on the endurance.

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