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Taking a closer look to the tongue sores

Stomatitis is the common medical term for any of numerous diseases of the mouth and tongue, based on the inflammatory processes. So, when certain irritations appear on the tongue, which cause certain burning sensation and pain, it is the case of the sores on the tongue. So, those little formations on the tongue are scientifically called papillae.

There are a lot of different provokers of this condition, such as the lack of the vitamins from the group of B complex in the organism and the medication which kills bacteria called Glossitis. If someone abnormally takes this antibiotic, it leads to the beneficial environment for the accumulation of Candida. Similarly, if there is the excessive intake of glucose, it could cause the rapid multiplication of fungi in the mouth. However, the tongue can become sore because of the damage caused by some harmful substance, as well.

Another often complication of the sores on the tongue, of course if this condition is left untreated, is the apparition of the ulcer.

Besides the itch and sore, which were mentioned as the most prominent indicators of this condition, the other following problems are: the decreased sensitivity in the case of the sense of taste, the phenomenon of the metallic taste in the mouth, constant urge for quenching the thirst and the sense of the dryness in the mouth.


As far as the treatment is concerned, although this is not so severe problem, the sores on the tongue can interfere with the everyday actions and that is why this condition should be cured right away after being noticed.

Besides a lot of the synthetic medications available in the pharmacies, the natural homemade remedies based mainly on the beneficial herbs are always better to be used, mostly because they don’t provide the possible negative side effects, unlike the prescribed medications.

First of all, the immune system should be boosted up and that could be done by increasing the intake of the vitamin C, which is even better to be consumed in the fresh form. That is, by eating more peppers, broccoli, berries, oranges and the freshly squeezed juice from the cranberries.

Additionally, it is recommendable to also increase the intake of the basic minerals, especially, iron. This mineral could be found in the high concentration in lentils, peas, beans, tofu and beef. Also, the vitamin B is very beneficial for healing the mouth sores and the seafood is very rich in it.

When it comes to the pain, it could be lessened by simply putting the ice onto the affected spot, by holding the used teabag over the sore area or by putting the glycerine over the sore. For reducing the irritation, very effective are the remedies based on the oil extracted from lavender, the mixture of the milk and honey (or milk with turmeric or alum), and the simple yoghurt and tea from chamomile.

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