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Sores may appear as small bumps on the sides of the tongue. In many cases these are just benign bums (harmless) but, rarely, they might be caused by a more serious condition, such as cancer.

The most common cause of the under-tongue sores are flu or the common cold. Other causes include sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or mouth cancer. In some cases, sores can appear under the throat, and be canker, white or red sores.

If the sores affect your eating and talking the best idea is to consult your doctor and get it checked.Soreness under Tongue

Soreness under the tongue and throat happens after the injury, infection, or because of tonsillitis. Biting the tongue while eating food, as well as suffering from bacterial and viral infections may also cause formation of these sores.

Diabetics and anemia patients usually have problems with the skin and tongue surface, which makes their tongue more prone to sores.

Canker sores under the tongue are shallow but painful for the patients. They could be coated with the white film, and their redness might not be so visible.

These sores look like fever blisters, usually appearing on the inside of the cheeks or on the gums. Women and teenagers are more prone to canker sores than any other group of people.

Stress, food allergies, menstruations and mouth injuries may increase the risk of canker sores. These sores are easily treated, and there are many possible treatments made just for getting rid of canker sores.

White sores under the tongue are caused by leukoplakia and lichen planus. Leukoplakia is common symptom for some fungal infections and some forms of cancer. Lichen planus cause white sores on the inside of the cheeks. These sores are usually the side effects of beta blockers or anti-diabetic drugs.

If the sores under the tongue are red, this always indicates another medical condition that should be treated. Sometimes, a red sore can appear hand-in-hand with pain and swelling of the affected area. The cause of red sores might be: immune disorder, depression, pellagra, hormonal changes, pemphigus, leukemia, and cancer of the tongue, tumor of the pituitary gland or syphilis. Anemias caused by iron, vitamin B12 or folate deficiency might also be behind this form of sore.

Furthermore, medications used to treat hypertension, diabetes and also diuretic drugs could lead to sores, swelling and the pain in the mouth. There are remedies available at the market, for the treatment of these.

If you can, prevent the development of the sores but if they happen, consult your doctor how to treat them.Soreness on the Tip of the Tongue

There are several reasons why a person may feel that his or her tip of the tongue or the remaining portion of it is sore.

Irritation of the tongue is probably the most common cause of this problem. A person who constantly rubs the tongue against the teeth or grinds them will most likely suffer from a sore tongue.

Additionally, people who have bad dental fixtures or plaque formation are more likely to rub the teeth and by doing that increase the chances of ending up with a sore tongue.

Apart from these causes a person may suffer from a sore tongue because of oral thrush or infection. There are various microbes in a person's mouth and they may cause an infection if there is some sort of an existing injury to the tongue.

If the taste buds get inflamed a person's tongue might get these sores. This usually occurs after the consumption of hot or acidic beverages, even though tongue infections may be the trigger too. Finally, it is good to bear in mind that, sometimes, anxiety makes people bite their tongue which leads to soreness. Also, tongue piercing can also cause soreness.

Usually there is no need for some therapeutic treatment for a sore tongue. In rare cases there is a need for certain medications but these can easily be bought over the counter.

If the doctor sees that the soreness occurred because of some infection he or she may recommend an antibiotic course in order to cure the sore tongue. If the sore tongue tip is causing a lot of pain, a doctor may prescribe some pain killers.

There are some home remedies that can aid in this situation like good oral hygiene, consumption of nutritional supplements and mouth guard.

All in all, many different situations and culprits can lead to soreness under the tongue or the appearance of sores on the surface of this part of our body. It is important to bear in mind that some of these causes may be quite serious, demanding immediate medical assistance.

Thus, if you get bothered by soreness under the tongue, make sure you contact your doctor timely, if the problem does not disappear on its own.

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