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Tongue Sores

This problem is associated with small red or white bumps located on thetongue's surface. They can be painful, so the elimination of them should be apriority. This problem is a common one, but itcan be very discomforting since the tongue is one of the most sensitive areasof the human body. But the problem of sores sometimes can be accompanied withpain, while sometimes it may be followed by the burning or stinging sensationinstead of the pain.


There are many diverse causes for painful tongue sores. Some of them are illfitting dentures and injury caused by braces. The canker sores are the painfulsores commonly experienced. Also, they may have red border. Injury to the tongueis usually the cause of tongue sores and it may come from the hot food orliquid, or even biting the tongue. The tongue sores may be caused by thechemicals, like sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a specific chemical that can be found intoothpastes and that can sometimes lead to irritation of the tongue and creationof tongue sores. Sometimes, the sore may be created due to the allergicreaction to medications or food. Also, the problem is more frequent amongpeople who suffer from stomach or peptic ulcers. Sometimes we may perceive swollen taste buds or enlarged papillae as tonguesores. The consumption of salty, spicy and hot food, along with the toxins suchas tobacco, can lead to creation of sores and bumps that induce a consideratepain. The painful tongue sores can also be caused by tuberculosis, bacterialinfection, cold sores, folic acid, viral infections, hormonal fluctuations,vitamin B12 deficiency, smoking, iron and excessive consumption of alcohol.There are also cancerous sores that do not produce pain and are located on theside of the tongue.


If they do not produce pain, the problem should not be treated since it will goaway on its own. But in some cases, the pain may be considerate and it canaffect your life. Since we have mentioned types of food that can cause them,it is best to avoid hot, spicy and acidic food. If the problem is not preventedand it has appeared, there are numerous remedies that can bring relief.Mouthwash of saline water is an efficient remedy. Do this several times duringthe day. You can also apply vinegar and ice on the troubling location, but there is also a mix made of water and baking soda, which should be put on theaffected location for ten minutes, after which the mix should be removed withclean water. Also, you can put tea bags that will reduce the inflammation andthe pain. Other remedies include licorice root extract, papaya leaves, lemonbalm, clove oil, chamomile, honey, and tea tree oil.Remember to go to the doctor if the pain is great or if they are clustering. Thecause of the problem must be determined in these cases, since they may be caused bya more serious problem.

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