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How many times did you wake up in the morning feeling something strange inside of your mouth? Is there something more annoying when the first thing that we experience upon waking up in the morning is that we have developed something strange and uncomfortable inside the mouth?

Among the numerous disorders that can affect our mouth and the oral cavity are cold sores, which are also called fever blisters. Cold sores may affect the tongue and the gums, as well as the inner cheeks and the lips, and they are definitely among the most irritating conditions.

Causes of cold sores on tongue

The factors that trigger the occurrence of cold sores on tongue are numerable and it is very important to detect the cause of the cold sores in order to treat them effectively, or even to prevent the next possible outbreak.

Cold sores are caused by a virus called herpes simplex viruses. In most cases, herpes simplex virus type 1 causes cold sores, while on the other side, the type 2 affects the genital area in the humans, thus resulting in the development of the genital herpes, which is considered to be a sexually transmitted disease since it passes from person to person through the sexual intercourse. When the virus enters our body, it may remain inactive throughout our life, but due to various reasons, it can be triggered and become active.

There are many health conditions that lead to the weakening of our immune system, which further causes the outbreak of the cold sores. For example, common cold and the flu may be responsible for the occurrence of fever blisters on tongue. Stress, deficiency of the vitamin B12 and hormonal imbalance in women are also considered to be the potential causes for the cold sores on tongue.

How to eliminate cold sores on tongue?

Since this condition is quite common, people discovered many home remedies that have shown to be very effective for the elimination of the cold sores on tongue very quickly. Eating popsicles, rinsing the mouth with cold water and applying the ice packs on the cold sores on tongue are the home remedies that can bring relief to the person suffering from this mouth disorder.

It is also recommended to rinse the mouth with solutions made of water and salt, water and baking soda, or water and hydrogen peroxide. Since the immune system is weak, it should be boosted with consummation of foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

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