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Tongue blisters or tongue sores are a very uncomfortable and painful condition that makes eating and drinking difficult. In the majority of cases, tongue blisters occur in young people although this condition may affect anyone. When the tongue sore appears, it usually lasts about a week and it subsides alone without any treatment. However, we can treat it in order for it to heal faster or to relieve the symptoms of this condition.

Causes of tongue blisters

Tongue blister can be of different kinds and therefore, the causes responsible for their outbreak are different. In most cases, deficiency of vitamin B complex causes the occurrence of sores on the tongue.

Tongue blisters can also appear due to viral infection caused by herpes simplex virus. There are two types of herpes simplex virus: herpes simplex virus type1 and herpes simplex virus type 2. While the herpes simplex virus type 1 is responsible for the outbreak of oral or mouth herpes in most cases, the herpes simplex virus type 2 is responsible for the occurrence of genital herpes.

Oral herpes simplex includes canker sores and fever blisters. Canker sores usually appear inside the mouth and they are not contagious. Canker sores are larger in comparison to the fever blisters, which occur outside and inside the mouth. Canker sores require more time to be cured unlike fever blisters. Furthermore, fever blisters on tongue are usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever and swollen lymph nodes.

Tongue blisters that are white are usually caused by a fungal infection provoked by the fungi called candidiasis. The bacteria Staphylococcus may also cause the occurrence of blisters on tongue. Furthermore, tongue blisters may appear due to some food allergies, or hormonal changes, or tonsillitis. It is also considered that certain medicines, a mouth disease and weak immune system are also potential causes for the outbreak of tongue blisters.

Treatment of tongue blisters

There are some things that we can do at home to relieve the symptoms of this condition. In order to reduce the pain, applying the ice packs on the blisters is highly recommended. When the tongue blisters are caused due to bacteria, the mouth should be washed with saline water, since salt eliminates the bacteria that cause blisters. It is also advisable to drink a solution of turmeric powder and milk or to use honey since these two remedies have antibacterial properties. In the cases when tongue blisters are caused due to herpes simplex virus, it is recommended to use ointments or creams that contain zinc. The diet should include foods that are high in vitamin B, such as eggs, liver, turkey, bananas, cheese and yogurt.

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