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Taking a closer look to the uvula

Uvula is located at the back of the mouth cavity and it is the small flashy lobe of the grape-like appearance (hence its Latin name) that hangs from the border of the soft palate. Most commonly the swelling of the uvula and the pain is tightly associated to the condition of the sore throat, and could be either the complication, or the provoker of it. Therefore, the most common discomfort and enlargement of this tissue is due to the inflammatory process of it. The sore is not so prominent as the discomfort manifested as having a lump in the throat which is impossible to swallow sensation. So, this problem is not so serious, however it interferes with the usual daily activities, such as swallowing.

Besides that, the other very important reason why it should be treated right away after being noticed is that with this inflammatory process, disrupted are the functions of the uvula, and one of them is stopping the germs from getting into the system of digestion. And besides the most usual triggers of this condition, which are the infectious processes due to the entrance of the bacteria or virus, some also often provokers are the allergic, autoimmune response, the gastric reflux disease, common cold, flu, the action of swallowing something extremely hot or cold, the severe lack of fluid in the organism, and as already mentioned, an inflammatory process that passed on to uvula from the other nearby tissues. Also, the trigger may be the intake of the harmful substances, such as the cigarette smoke or alcohol, and even the process of snoring is among the frequent causes.The treatment

As far as treating this problem at home is concerned, it should be the case of the first stages of the development of the swelling, because the advanced inflammation really should be treated with the medications prescribed by the doctor. For instance, in the case of the autoimmune response as the provoker, the doctor will prescribe the antihistamines, which cannot be made in the home conditions.

Anyway, there are a lot of ways on how to get rid of the discomfort by the homemade natural remedies, and, again, it is very important to know the trigger of the swelling. For example, if it is due to the depletion of water in the organism, the simple juice squeezed from orange will immediately start to hydrate the body.

Nevertheless, the most common cases of the swelling, which are of the bacterial origin, are dealt with by irrigating the throat with salt and turmeric diluted into the water. The swelling could be also lessened with the good old ice treatment, and the other homemade remedies beneficial for uvula are based on honey, aloe vera, garlic and basil. And, if the inflammation comes back after some period, it is good to additionally encourage the immunity by the increased intake of the vitamin C.

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