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We refer to the term ‘’pink eye’’ when we want to explain pictorially the condition of the acute inflammatory process which takes place on both surfaces; on the mucous layer of an eye and the internal layer of its eyelid.

The following characteristics

This condition is also medically called conjunctivitis and the popular name is due to the most prominent symptom of it – the reddish and pinky colour of the whites of the eyes. Apart from that, an individual can feel the sense of itching in the eye (especially in the case of the conjunctivitis provoked by an allergic factor), or the sense of having a foreign object in it. When the condition is at the more advanced stage, sometimes the eyelids may glue together.

Of course, the swelling and the excessive tenderness are present as well.

The provokers of the pink eye

Although it can’t affect the vision at all, this condition should be treated because can be very uncomfortable. So, the best way to treat it, is to attack the cause of it. Most commonly, this inflammation is provoked by the entrance of virus or bacteria. Those are the same micro organisms that trigger the infections of the other possible nearby regions (such as of the mouth or the ears), or even the ones which cause gonorrhoea and Chlamydia. As already mentioned, the pink eye can be provoked by some allergens, such as the pollen particles, for example. And, logically, the particles of the polluted air or some strong chemicals may lead to conjunctivitis, too.

Herbal treatment

Anyway, the process of the inflammation can be minimized with the use of the natural remedies based on some beneficial herbs. The most popular remedies for the irrigation of the affected eyes are based on the usage of the teas or the infusions made from them. For example, the dried blossom of elderberry, Euphrasia officinalis, turmeric, Aloe Vera, or chamomile should be added to the boiled water and used for cleansing the eyes with these teas thoroughly.

But, in order to alleviate the irritation, one should put on a pad freshly squeezed juice from turmeric or aloe, and keep that pad directly on the closed eye for about ten minutes. This treatment should be practiced a few times per day in order to achieve the fastest effect. Instead of that, one could simply hold the teabag of chamomile (previously dipped into warm water) pressed on the affected eye area, so that the symptoms of the discomfort caused by the pink eye could be lessened. All these herbs are beneficial for treating this condition because they are rich in the antiseptic substances.

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