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The Tip of My Tongue Is Sore!

There are certain health problems which may easily result in pain and soreness affecting the very tip of one's tongue. Sore tip of the tongue can mean several different things, some more serious than the others. Nevertheless, one is highly advised to look deeper into the source of this problem, starting an adequate treatment if the cause is serous. Physically, our tongue is supposed to be meat-red and covered in small papillae. If any of these conditions seem to be absent or overly present, there is a problem going on and you might consider seeking medical attention in order to solve it.

Possible Causes of Sore Tip of Tongue

First and foremost, this pain is likely to be caused by malnutrition, in terms of not ensuring enough healthy and vital nutrients through your daily intake. Thus, once suffering from certain deficiencies like vitamin B6, niacin or iron, you are likely to experience this, uncomfortable soreness, blocking your sense of taste and causing you discomfort.

Physically, the tip of your tongue might get hurt and thereby the soreness may manifest itself. This happens once you bite your tongue, kiss passionately or rub your tongue against your teeth often.

Sometimes, anxiety and stress are the main causes of sore tongue tip of an individual. Namely, nervousness of this type may lead to irritability expressed through teeth grinding, even while one is asleep, affecting the tongue in the process. Bad oral hygiene, dental problems and poor fitting dentures only add on to the list of possible causes of sore tip of the tongue.

Atrophic glossitis is another thing to worry about, since, once this illness affects a person, he/she, upon consuming strong-tasting food, experiences burning in the tip of the tongue. In fact, spicy and acidic food types, when consumed excessively, can easily cause small red bumps on the tip of your tongue, irritating and hurting you. Furthermore, a viral, bacterial or fungal infection of the mouth and the tongue, may easily trigger pain in the tip of your tongue as well. These usually take place due to low immunity, which is again a factor connected to nutrition and general lifestyle. Finally, mouth sores may lead to this phenomenon too.

The treatment depends on the underlying cause of sore tip of the tongue. Anyway, the best thing you can do is seek medical attention, resting assured that doctors will find the reason behind your pain and take care of it in the shortest timespan possible.

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