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Introduction to tongue infections

When a person has an infection of the tongue, the medical condition is referred to as glossitis. The symptoms will usually vary depending on the type of infection, but there are some very common symptoms as well that might affect anyone who has an infection of the tongue.

These infections can also make the tongue swollen and make the sufferer feel very unattractive and self-conscious about their appearance.

Not only this, but the infection will also hinder a person’s ability to eat, swallow, breathe and talk as well.

Symptoms of tongue infections

One of the main symptoms of a tongue infection is pain and swelling of the tongue. This can also cause a problem with the way a person talks and eats.

The swelling of the tongue makes it a lot harder for the person to get all of the nutrition they need from eating. It can also make it hard for them to talk.

In severe cases, the tongue can swell to such large sizes that it will block the airway and give people breathing problems as well.

The infection can also result in a smooth tongue, which is also painful and makes the tongue very sensitive. People will have trouble eating and drinking with a smooth tongue as well.

It will also hinder their ability to be able to taste food and beverages as well.

Blotchy areas can also appear on the tongue, which will look red and raised. People will most commonly experience burning sensations in the case of a blotchy tongue as well.

A yeast infection can also result from a tongue infection. The tongue may also become red and experience bleeding symptoms. In the most severe cases, the lesions on the tongue will move down to the throat and esophagus and cause more serious health problems.

Tongue infections Treatment

There are several over-the-counter treatments that can be used to relieve tongue sores caused by infections.

When the infection is minor, it may go away on its own as well.

However, if the infection turns serious, especially if it is a yeast infection, then anti-fungal medicines will have to be prescribed to stop the growths on the tongue.

If a person is constantly getting tongue infections, this usually means that they do not get enough vitamin B in their bodies on a regular basis and should be eating more foods such as milk, cheese, bananas, fish, and liver.

There are also possible home remedies, such as gargling war saline water several times a day, which is good because the salt will kill the infection.

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