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There are several reasons why a person may feel that his or her tip of the tongue or the remaining portion of it is sore. Sore tongue may occur because of some health condition or by a simple bite while eating or talking. Apart from these most common causes a person's tongue may be sore because of some nutritional deficiency. This particular problem is common and a majority of people will suffer from it at some point of their life.


Irritation of the tongue is probably the most common cause of this problem. A person who constantly rubs the tongue against the teeth or grinds them will most likely suffer from a sore tongue. People who have bad dental fixtures or plaque formation are more likely to rub the teeth and by doing that heighten the chances of ending up with a sore tongue. Apart from these causes a person may suffer from a sore tongue because of oral thrush or infection. There are various microbes in a person's mouth and they may cause an infection if there is some sort of an injury to the tongue. If the taste buds get inflamed a person's tongue might get sore. This occurs after the consumption of pretty hot beverages, acidic beverages or tongue infections. Sometimes, anxiety makes people bite their tongue which leads to soreness. Tongue piercing can also cause soreness.


A sore tongue is not a medical condition but rather a sign of some other health condition. This is the reason why there are no symptoms for sore tongue tip but some people experience loss of taste. If a person touches the sore tip it may lead to pain and even bleeding.


Usually there is no need for some therapeutic treatment for a sore tongue. In rare cases there is a need for certain medications but these can easily be bought over the counter. If the doctor sees that the soreness occurred because of some infection he or she may recommend an antibiotic course in order to cure the sore tongue. If the sore tongue tip is causing a lot of pain, a doctor may prescribe some pain killers.

There are some home remedies that can aid in this situation like good oral hygiene, consumption of nutritional supplements and mouth guard.

In a majority of cases of sore tongue there is no need to go to the hospital and a person can treat the problem with simple home remedies. However, a proper diagnosis and treatment are crucial.

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