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Canker sores are products of times of stress. They are connected with nutritional issues, or some kind of allergy, either to specific type of food, or other allergenic substances. Homeopathic remedies can ease your problems with canker sores. They can reduce inflammations, help tissue to heal, or regulate and ease your pain from canker sores.

A good alternative to a regular medicament, especially one without a bad side effect can be homeopathic medicine. Unlike the regular medical approach, it treats a wide range of disorders and diseases. It takes a different approach on how to treat the patient completely, both physically and mentally. This approach means to address the whole person, with its habits and way of life, not just to cure the illness but to find a cause too. Homeopathic medicaments are not harmful and non toxic.

In the case where normal or regular medicaments are not efficient, you can use various homeopathic remedies to help you with your problem. Choose the one that best suits your type of problem. Information about dosage and frequency of use is best to consult with your homeopath. The usual principle is to start to use one remedy and see how it works, and than go for there. If you do not see improvement after some period of time, use a different remedy.

There are various homeopathic remedies that you can use for canker sores. Among them are:

Natrum Muriaticim (Nat mur) is effective in cases of pearly sores in the areas around mouth, tongue, nose, lips, gums and chin. The tongue may feel swollen, and there is a feeling of dryness in the person’s mouth. People with this problem also have cold sores issues. Cold sores are extremely painful and unpleasant. They are blisters or lesions in the area around the mouth and the lip. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV), which can be found in central nervous system.

Arsenicum albumIndication and symptoms for use of this kind of homeopathic remedy are painful sores in the mouth, feeling of tiredness and anxiousness. Warmth and hot drinks often helps person with this kind of problem to ease and relieve the pain.

SulphurSymptoms in persons with canker sores for this kind of remedy are a bitter taste in the mouth, throbbing and swollen gums, canker sores that are inflamed, red and painful.

BoraxThis is a very useful remedy in cases when canker sores feels painful, hot and sensitive. Canker sores may also break inside the mouth. Persons with this kind of sores have plenty of saliva, but the mouth feels dry.

Nux vomicaThis remedy is used for sore problems that are the product of some kind of eating of disproportional quantities of food, like spicy strong foods, lot of sweets, or alcohol abuse.

Calcarea carbonicaThis is a good remedy for the little children and infants, when they have a recurred appearance of cancer sores. Calcarea carbonica may help adults too.

Mercurius solubillisThis is a very good remedy for cases of swollen tongue and bleeding gums. Pain in the sores gets worse at night.

Hepar sulphar calcareumThis is a good remedy for infected and painful mouth sores. Cold drinks makes the pain worse.

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