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Sores and pains

The lesions (or sores) that befall person’s mouth are known to persist in their intentions, usually, anywhere from ten to fourteen days – and this goes also when left untreated. In addition, those more severe cases face up a period of round six weeks in duration and this is when things start getting unbearable for the person in question.

How to facilitate treatment

Fortunately, there are many things that one can do in order to alleviate the condition itself. Among those most helpful are gargling with cool water; as well as indulging in a tasty popsicle – particularly beneficial and aiding for relieving mouth burns; staying away from steaming beverages and foods (no spicy, salty food and citrus fruit); taking up therapy based on pain relievers (e.g. acetaminophen). Those people who are having issues and suffer from never pleasant canker sores should do the following for the purpose of getting rid of them:

regular salt water rinsing, application of a thin paste of baking soda and water, mixing one part of hydrogen peroxide together with one part water and putting the solution on the sores themselves by way of cotton swabs or something similar.

If the person in question suffers from a much severe form, then the treatment itself is based on fluocinonide gel (i.e. Lidex for e.g.), as well as on anti-inflammatory amlexanox paste (i.e. Aphthasol for e.g.) and chlorhexidine gluconate (i.e. Periden for e.g.). As for those non-prescription solutions, such as for example Orabase, they are known to have the ability to provide protection against the sores occurring on the inside of one’s lip, as well as on the gums. Canker sores and fever blisters can be brought under control by employing such solutions as Blistex and Campho-Phenique, but they must be used immediately after the sores have been noticed, i.e. the same instance they occur. Also, what can be extremely effective for these specific types of sores is the treatment by direct application of ice pack on the sore, and also L-lysine tablets.

What to watch out for

In case some of the following occurrences are noticed, a doctor should be visited as soon as possible:

lesions start occurring fairly quickly after the person in question has began taking a new medication, big patches white in color begin to appear on the person’s mouth and/or his/her tongue, lesions are present for more than two weeks, a person’s immune system is endangered and weakened by the presence of some other underlying condition such as cancer or HIV, manifestations such as fever, rash on the skin, drooling appear, as well as hindrances when attempting to swallow food.

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