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A Delicate Miracle

Our eyesight is a wonderful trait ofour kind. It grants us a whole new perspective upon the world we livein, making it a completely different experience. Therefore, the leastwe can do is take care of it and keep our eyes healthy in order toenjoy them throughout our lives. However, some of us, due to work ora different lifestyle, tend to spend hours and hours irritating oureyes daily. Most of these cases involve sitting in front of acomputer during most of one's working hours. On the long run, thiscan have quite a few negative influences. First of all, your eyes maybecome sore. Secondly, they may look tired most of the time,accompanied with constant redness. These two may be possible signs ofan eye infection due to overstraining or some other factor. Thus, youmust know how to take care of your eyes and how to notice when theyhave had too much in order to act timely and provide them an adequateregeneration environment.

Reasons Behind Sore and Tired Eyes

The main reason is definitelyoverstraining, as mentioned above. If you spend numerous hours infront of the computer while at work, only to watch television or reada book when you come home, you might cause serious problems to youreyes. Moreover, if you extent this habit into late night hours,watching movies, playing video games, or, again, reading something,you are bound to trigger some kind of an eye condition sooner orlater.

If your eyes become red, swollen or dryand irritated, these might be the first symptoms of strained eyes.Additionally, you might experience headaches, burning or watery eyesas well as a painful reaction to light exposure. All these and plentymore serve as clear indicators that something needs change, regardingyour lifestyle. Unless you are willing to make that change, youreyesight will probably deteriorate in a short time span or, perhaps,the straining will evolve into an eye infection.

Finally, eye irritation and all of thesymptoms mentioned above, may be caused by excessive crying, contactlenses or some sort of vitamin deficiency triggered by malnutritionor inadequate diet.

How to Treat Sore and Tired Eyes?

In cases of dry and irritated eyes, onemay take into consideration taking special eye drops in order toprovide them with necessary moisture. On the other hand, strainedeyes are in desperate need of rest. Therefore, those suffering fromthese need to decrease the amount of time spent in front of acomputer, a book or TV. Rather, make sure you blink and make shortbreaks often. All in all, before doing anything yourself, it is bestto seek proper medical attention.

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