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Our eyesight is a wonderful part of our lives, giving our existence an invaluable perspective, making it possible for us to enjoy every single day incomparably more than we can possibly imagine. However, in order for our eyesight to be good and to serve us well throughout our lives, we need to take a good care of our eyes and make sure that they are healthy.

Many things contribute to the health of our eyes. Among these things, nutrition is probably one of the most important ones.

Importance of Good Eye Health

Our eye is made out of several different parts. Basically, most of these parts are visible when you observe someone else's eye, even though a couple of parts remain concealed inside our skull. The eye itself is about as big as a ping pong ball and it is protected by the eyelid, keeping it clean and moist through the process of blinking which, in most cases, takes place without our conscious effort.

Eyelashes also serve a protective purpose, helping your eyes avoid dust, dirt and many other unwanted elements. The white area of the eye is called the sclera, acting as a surface layer of the inner eye. Also, when we observe the surface of the eye, we can easily notice small blood vessels delivering blood to the sclera.

As for the colored part of the eye, this is the cornea, helping this organ of ours in focusing the light and allowing it to pass through. It is made of clear tissue which is transparent, allowing our eye to project an image of the outer world. Right behind the cornea, we have the iris, bearing the color of our eyes. This part is also related to control of the light that passes inside the eye.

However, all the light that passes through this part is regulated by the pupil, which dilates or shrinks, depending on the levels of light it gets exposed to. Finally, among all the visible parts, the anterior is the last one, resting behind the cornea, between it and the iris.

The invisible parts of the eye are the lens, the retina and the ciliary muscle. The back of our eye has a ball shape and is filled with fluid, in order to transfer the light all the way to the area behind the eye.

Therefore, all these parts of our eyes need to be working correctly in order for us to see the world around us without any problems. This can only be possible if we are taking a good care of our eyes and are paying attention to our lifestyle and nutrition, giving our eyes and our body all the necessary nutrients and allowing it to rest properly, recuperating from all the effects of straining which can affect it negatively.

Fish Oil is Very Helpful

Fish oils, mostly found in fatty fish are all great for boosting our heath. Namely, fish oil provides omega3 fatty acids to our body. These acids are involved in many functions of our body, among which eyesight is the most prominent. Salmon, tuna, sardines and some other fish are great sources of these fatty acids, keeping our brain and our eyes working perfectly.

Moreover, there are alternatives as far as omega3 fatty acids are concerned. These can be found in flaxseed oil. However, the fatty acids received from such sources need to be converted into essential fatty acids and this process affects only 5% of our total intake. Thus, there is a difference between the omega6 fatty acids, found in vegetables, soy, cottonseed, safflower and sunflower and the omega3 fatty acids obtained through the consumption of fatty fish. The latter is much better and excessive intake of omega6 acids can even prevent the proper absorption of omega3 ones. In return, consuming too much omega6 acids can result in a development of inflammations.

Therefore, it is always better to know what to look for, in terms of obtaining omega3 fatty acids for your body. Grilled salmon is considered to be the best possible type of food for these purposes, along with cod liver oil grilled cold water fish like sablefish, tuna and halibut.

For those who do not enjoy consuming fish, there are alternative ways of delivering omega3 fatty acids to your body. Namely, TheraTears nutrition, BioTears and HydroEye are all popular supplements rich in fish or cod liver oil.

Naturally, vegetarians will choose flaxseed oil over fish oil. Moreover, those of us who are trying to find the cheapest solution for maintaining the proper eye health will do the same.

Either way, if you opt for supplements, be careful since high doses may lead to side-effects like the fishy taste in your mouth, heartburn, abdominal bloating or even pain. Also, fish rich in omega3 acids are usually rich in mercury. Therefore, you are advised not to go overboard with the consumption of these fish since poisoning symptoms may occur.

All in all, you are advised to consult with your doctor or eye specialist before choosing any supplements on your own. Yet, one is for sure, fish oil can help you preserve the health and proper functioning of your eyes.

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