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Computer can damage our eyes

A lot of people complain they have vision problems and eyepain and more and more people wear reading glasses. Nowadays, when theelectronic has improved so much, we spend more and more time in front of acomputer. Weather we are reading news, chatting with friends, writing theassignments, playing games, or just surfing the Internet, we are doing aconsiderable damage to our eyes. Pixels put together are forming a letter onthe screen, which is very different from the letter on a printed paper. Just watching the screen for a long time can damage our eyes. If you have pain in youreyes, you should rest yourself and your eyes by going out and spending sometime in the nature.

Causes of the eye pain

There are several causes that can make your eyes hurt. TheComputer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is one of the most common effects that producethe eye pain. The Computer Vision Syndrome includes symptoms such as shoulderpain, aching neck and eyes, allergies of the eye, less focus, eye strain andsoreness, itchy red eyes, heightened sensitivity to light, watery eyes, drynessin eyes, tired eyes, blurred vision, rashes, eye infections, and headaches. Problemscould get worse if you are suffering from astigmatism, presbyopia, uncorrectedand under corrected vision or focusing. These problems usually emerge afterconstant use of a computer. One more problem that causes the eye pain is thelightness of the room. The room in which you are sitting can`t be too dark. Thereshould never be such a big contrast between the environment in which you aresitting and the screen on the computer.

Avoiding the eye strain and pain

There is a way to use a computer without having any eyeproblems. You can avoid eye problems if you stick to the following tips. First ofall, you should know how to sit properly. Many people take their laptops tovarious places, from beds and couches, to floors and even knees. Well, that`snot exactly the smartest thing to do, because you are not only damaging youreyes but your back and neck, too. You should sit up straight in a chair withyour feet on the ground and your thighs in horizontal position. Your lower backshould be supported properly and your forearms and hands should be in astraight line. You should relax your shoulders and that will save you so muchtrouble and problems. Next thing you should do is place the screen in alower position than your normal vision and place it at least 30 inches awayfrom you. Adjust the lighting in the room and brightness on the computer to a minimum.It is very important not to rub your eyes, but to blink every now and then. You canwarm up your palms and put them on your eyes and keep them for about 5 minutes, since that will help your eyes rest, or you can just splash them with cold water fromtime to time. In cases of dry eyes, you should have some re-wetting eye drops byyour side. You can avoid the eye strain by visiting an ophthalmologist regularlyto have your eyes checked. Be sure that even a minimal use of computer has ahuge influence on your eyes.

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