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“It's Not Real Unless Seen on theScreen”

Computers have evolved up to the pointof becoming crucial parts of our lives. Namely, we are becoming incapable ofmanaging our lives for a single day without looking at the computerscreen. Most of us work on computers. Others have fun using thesemachines. In the mean time, we fill out our day by gazingat the TV screen or staring at your cell phone display. Therefore,our eyes are under an enormous amount of strain daily. All thistakes its toll quickly and a vast majority of people have eyesightproblems and/or wear spectacles or contact lenses, even having seriousproblems in the long run.

Thus, since computers and screens arethere for us to stare at no matter what, we need to take good care ofour eyes, preserve their functions and make them look young andhealthy, not saggy, bloodshot, tired reflections weobserve every time we look in the mirror.

When Your Eyes Get Damaged...

There are some signs of eye damagewhich are clearly visible during our everyday life. For example, ifyour eyes have suffered greatly during your daily habits, once youturn off the lights in your room and go to bed, they will startproducing a watery fluid which is similar to tears, but thicker.

Moreover, upon staring at the screenonce again, your eyes will hurt after a while, producing a burningsensation. Naturally, your eyes will get tired more easily, becomereddened and painful, having dark circles under their sockets.Finally, gradual vision impairment is the most straightforward signof eyesight deterioration.

Keep Your Eyes Safe

In order to preserve good looks of your eyes and make sure you protect their functions, you should wash them with cold water atleast twice a day. Applying cold or ice compress to the burning eyeswill help you stop the unpleasant sensation, revitalizing theseorgans and making you suffer less.

Next, your eyes need regeneration time.Thus, have two days in a week when you stay away from the computercompletely. However, even when you are outing, you need to protect your eyes from the adverse effects of sunlight by wearing sunglasses.

Last, but not the least, have plenty of sleep. You need atleast 8 hours of sleep every night in order to wake up refreshed andhave your eyes completely revitalized. Thus, make sure you provideyour eyes all the care they deserve for enabling you the blessing ofsight.

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