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Importance of our Eyesight

Emphasis on the importance of one's eyesight and eyes themselves goes without saying. Eyesight is one of our most important senses, and we should give our best to protect it in order for us to have it throughout our life. In modern times, however, the danger of eye deterioration is greater than ever. We spend more and more time staring at the screens which have become parts of our everyday life. All this causes our eyes to over-strain thus possibly causing damage.

In order to make our eyes strong and capable of enduring all the daily grind they do, we need to provide them with substances they need. Having that said, one needs to know which are those substances and how can one intake them.

The Most Important Eye Supplements

First and foremost, comes vitamin A. Being the most important vitamin for our eyes, it has many beneficial roles in their proper functioning. Namely, it enables night vision and any case of night blindness clearly indicate to vitamin A deficiency. Also, it helps our eyes to regulate and balance light levels, keeping them moist and protecting them from numerous diseases and conditions. Additionally, bilberry serves as an excellent natural addition for night blindness prevention.

Secondly, tomatoes, squash, spinach, and carrots all have one thing in common. They are all perfect nutrients for our eyes. They all contain lutein, a substance which makes our eyes more resistant to dangerous lights and sun rays, while also acting as a protection against cataracts and possible eye muscle problems.

As the list goes on and you stare at you computer screen trying to get informed, bear in mind that your eyes, in order not to be harmed during this activity, need chromium. Since our body is not capable of producing this valuable mineral, we must add it as a supplement and relieve our eyes of all the stress exposure to computer screens brings. Selenium is also a must, since, other than protecting our eyes from cataracts, it triggers vitamin E production in our organism.

To conclude, these vital few are simply vital if preserving your eyesight and your eye functions is your priority. Valuable as they are, we benefit from our eyes to such an extent that providing them with all the vitamins, minerals and other nutritive supplements they need in order to enable us the wonderful power of sight is the least we can do.

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