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Sore Eyes

Eyes can be sore simply because a person is tired or has spent too many hours in front of the computer. On the other hand, sore eyes may be only one of the symptoms of numerous medical conditions in which the underlying cause needs to be established.

Sore eyes are symptom commonly followed by problems with vision, burning sensation and irritation. Tear production increases and in some medical conditions there is even presence of discharge. Discharge can accumulate over the night. Consequently eyelids can glue to each other and the person may end unable to open his/ her eyes.

Causes of Sore Eyes

One of the possible causes of sore eyes is conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is inflammation of conjunctiva, mucous membrane of the eyes. In the beginning of the disease only conjunctiva is affected by the inflammatory process. However, in time other parts of the eyes including the cornea and outer surface of both eyelids can get inflamed. The inflammation is caused by infective agents which are transmitted either directly or via contact with infected things such as towels, paper tissue and so on.

Bacteria and viruses are the leading culprits of infective conjunctivitis. Apart from infective conjunctivitis inflammation of conjunctiva can be caused by some chemical compounds which are ingredients of soaps or shampoos.

Allergic reaction is additional cause of sore eyes. People who are allergic to certain allergens commonly develop conjunctivitis and rhinitis when exposed to specific allergens. Dust, pollen or different pollutants are only some of the potential allergens.

Prolonged eye strain also results in sore eyes. Lack of sleep and too much time spent in front of television, especially computer, eventually lead to strain of the optic nerve and eye muscles and consequently results in sore eyes. Apart from sore eyes person can also complain about problems with vision and headaches. Treatment of Sore Eyes

Basically, the treatment of sore eyes depends on the underlying cause. If the eyes are sore because a person has been working too much and the eyes have been subjected to extreme strain the rest and sleep will take care of the problem. On the other hand, if conjunctivitis is a cause of sore eyes it is treated with antibiotics or certain antiviral medication depending on the infective agent that has led to the infection. People who are suffering from allergies can successfully avoid conjunctivitis if they stay away from the allergens or if they take some medications that will prevent symptoms from occurring.

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