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A Side-effect of Modern Existence

Most of human creation nowadays reliesgreatly upon technology. Therefore, many of us work in front of acomputer screen most of our time as we are doing our jobs. After gettinghome from a hard day at work, all we can do is sit in front of the TVscreen and try to relax. Occasionally, we look at our mobile phone,send messages or stare at the tiny screens. All these habitscombined make our eyes exhausted. Namely, over straining of this typeforces our eyes to concentrate on tiny details most of the time. As aresult, our eyesight deteriorates quickly and we tend to suffer fromnumerous side-effects of this action. Headaches, dry eyes, pain andirritation of either the eyes or their surrounding are just some ofthe prices we pay for refusing to let our eyes rest. Paradoxicallyenough, even now, while you are reading this text about sore eyes andheadache caused by it, you are staring at the computer screen.

Manifestations of Eye Strain Headaches

This condition mainly manifests throughpain and discomfort around one's eyes, temples or forehead. You mayeasily deduce the reason behind your headache of this type. Namely,if the pain and discomfort affecting the above mentioned areasescalate during reading, watching TV or using a computer, these aresurely the underlying causes of your eye strain related headaches.Alternatively, if you continue forcing your eyes to pay attentionwhen tired, more severe symptoms will surely strike. These involveblurry vision, dizziness, eyelid twitching, and sensitivity to lightalong with ever increasing pain and irritation.

How to Help Your Eyes Regenerate?

First of all, rest is crucial.Therefore, if you are experiencing some of the symptoms mentionedabove, give your eyes a chance to rest. Take a nap or restrainyourself from doing things which provoke your headaches and eyeproblems. If that fails, make sureyou seek professional help and advice. Visit an ophthalmologist andhave your eyes examined. You might need to wear glasses or, if youalready do, change the lenses.

Alternatively,you need to keep your TV at a longer distance from where you aresitting. Also, while working at the computer, make short breaks andblink often so as not to cause dry eyes due to over straining.Finally, you may want do do some eye exercising rolling youreyeballs, massaging your eyelids gently etc. All these will help yourelieve your eyes of the daily stress you impose on them, resultingin their better health and the cessation of your headaches.

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