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Our eyes are very sensitive and they are among the most used body parts. Tear glands secrete tears that protect our eyes. The film of tears consists of the three layers, and they are outer oily layer that is slowing down evaporation, a middle watery layer and an inner mucous layer. If our eyes don`t get oily or watery enough, they can become full of dry spots appearing on the cornea, which are followed by the excessive tears and irritated eyes.


There is a variety of causes for the irritated eyes. Some of them are trauma, broken blood vessels, allergy, inflammation or infection.

Conjunctivitis, which is also called pink eye, is one of the most common causes of this condition. If a person suffers from conjunctivitis, he/she may experience the symptoms such as watering, swelling, discharge, stinging, burning or itching. In case you suffer from this condition, you should wash your hands before and after touching your eyes, since conjunctivitis may be contagious.Another cause of this condition is allergies of the eyes, which usually occur in the fall and summer when most of other allergies occur, but there are also some people who suffer from allergies due to smoke, cat dander, molds, mites or dust all through the year. People who experience the eye allergy may have red, puffy and watery eyes.Eye irritation may occur due to the broken blood vessels in your eyes. There are a couple of reasons of broken blood vessels such as rubbing, lifting or straining, but they can also break without any specific reason. This condition is not alarming and is usually harmless, and another term for broken blood vessels is subconjunctival hemorrhages.Any kind of trauma may cause irritated eyes. Traumas include wearing eye makeup, hitting the eye, gouged or scratched eyes, and they will often result in blurred vision, pain or red eyes. If you happen to damage your eye from the inside, you should seek medical help as soon as possible.Many people who stare at the computer for many hours may experience irritated eyes.


Many treatments can help you with the irritation of the eyes. You can use various eye creams, artificial tear ointment or artificial teardrops that will lubricate the eyes. In case the eyes become dry due to the wearing contacts, a person may consider replacing them with more appropriate ones. If you work at the computer for long period of time, you should make short brakes every now and then to avoid eye irritation. In case your eye irritation becomes worse, you should definitely visit a doctor.

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