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A lot of people experience the very annoying condition of under the eye twitching, which is caused due to some muscle spasms or abnormal muscle contractions. Under eye twitching can last from couple of minutes to couple of hours and even days, but in case you have been experiencing under eye twitching for a longer period of time, you should visit a doctor.


There are various causes of the under eye twitching and the most common one is the lack of sleep. You need to sleep at least 8 hours in the night to get the appropriate rest and avoid muscle spasms. There are some people who spend all day working at a computer, which can lead to straining of the eyes resulting in the under eye twitching. You need to rest your eyes every now and then if you spend long hours at the computer. Another reason of under eye twitching is any kind of stress or anxiety, which is why you need to relax and make sure that you are not stressed in order to avoid under eye twitching. If people who suffer from any kind of phobia feel threatened, they may get muscle spasms due to the stress. In order to avoid under eye twitching, you need to improve your dietary habits. You should consider quitting smoking, avoid consuming alcohol and beverages that contain caffeine. However, insufficient amount of vitamins, proteins and fats can also be responsible for under eye twitching.

There are also some other disorders that are responsible for under eye twitching. People who suffer from disorders such as problems with dry eyes, epilepsy, eye irritation or inflammation or even a neurological disorder are prone to have under eye twitching. You may experience it only on one side of your face due to the hemifacial spasms, which are caused because the facial nerve has become irritated. In case you experience this disorder, it is advisable that you seek medical help right away.


You can use various remedies to reduce the under eye twitching. You can massage your eyes gently, which will provide the rest to strained muscles. Applying cloth soaked in cold water or in lukewarm water on your eyes may have the soothing effects and help you reduce this problem. If you experience the constant contraction of the muscle under your eyes, you can use some eye drops or antihistamines with the prescription of the doctor. However, in case you have hemifacial spasm, you may need to relax the eye muscles with the help of injection such as Botox. You should avoid sitting in front of the television or computer for long period of time, since it can strain your eyes, which will result in under eye twitching. You should also try to stay calm and relaxed and avoid any stressful situations.

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